How to Paint Wood Perfectly Without Professional Assistance

A piece of furniture can be made beautiful or ugly depending on your knowledge on how to paint wood. New paint on existing wooden furniture is an effective way to make them look new and refreshing. Wooden furniture is durable, beautiful and just a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed to make them fit in a renovated room or extend their lifespan further. This is why most people love their wooden furniture and want to take care of them by their own hands. Colours and tools are available in plenty but the most important part is the knowledge of painting the wood cleverly with the adoption of right techniques for painting.


Before heading straight to painting, checking for repair requirement is essential. Handles, legs, joints, etc. of the piece should be checked for any repair need. Cracks have to be refilled with wood putty and other repair work should be done before the painting is started.


Another important point to consider if you wish to know how to paint wood is to thoroughly clean the furniture before the paint is applied to it. Application of paint on unclean furniture can leave the marks of grains of dust on the surface. Visible marks of dust grains caused by movement of brush on the surface can diminish the lustre of the paint. Besides, it can even damage soft wood furniture. Fine surface is all the beauty of wooden furniture.

Quality of Paint

The look of the wooden furniture directly depends upon the quality of paint chosen for it. From cheap to luxurious, there are varieties of paint available. It is necessary to choose a good-quality paint for furniture that are of heritage status or rare. Besides, the selection of paint must also be according to the climate of the place and position of the furniture, which could be either interior or exterior. At last, personal preference also matter. Some people like subtle solid colours, some like vibrant and attractive while others may like textures and patterns on their furniture. Therefore, the paint has to be in accordance with all of these concerns.

How to Paint Wood

Type of Brush

Like the paint, the paint brush is of great importance too. Irrespective of how expensive and good the paint is, a bad brush can spoil all its look and effects. However, the type of brush depends upon the paint. Natural bristles with enamel paints and synthetic bristles with latex and acrylic paint produce the best results. Brushes with feathered bristle tips leave the smoothest paint surface on the furniture. On the contrary, cheap plastic bristles leave ugly ridges.


Learning how to paint wood is a simple task if you get the basics right. The movement of brush while painting wooden furniture should always be along with the grain. Paint should be applied with long, slow and even number of brush-strokes on the surface.


The can should be held 8″ to 12″ away from the surface while the spray should be quick and even burst. Carelessness with spray paints can leave blotches on the surface.