How to Decorate a Bookshelf

There are a lot of people in this world who do not have any idea about how to decorate a bookshelf. Bookshelf creates a very special decorating predicament, but it should not be disregarded as a wonderful chance to make an interesting central point in the room. You can consider using artwork, photos, collectibles and knick knacks to add some interest to the bookshelf in your room. There are some inexpensive and simple tips that you can use in decorating your bookshelf.

Replace moveable bookshelf with a glass one

If the bookshelf in your room possesses adjustable shelves resting on pins, get their measurements and replace them with glass ones. Using clear and light glass in place of the old shelves will help in completely changing the look of your shelving unit. However, you need to keep in mind that the glass used for the shelves should be of good quality. This ensures that the glass will be able to withstand the weight of the books.

How to Decorate a Bookshelf

Installing lights under each shelf

There are many hardware stores that deal with fluorescent lights that are inexpensive. You can get the flat and small units, wire them all together and install them on your bookshelf. Also make sure that all the lights can easily be controlled by a single switch. Installing decorative and colorful lights under each shelf helps in lighting up the dark areas of the shelf and makes your collection of books more visible.

Install mirrors in the background

Take measurements of the back or the vertical area of the bookshelf and then purchase mirror to glue it to the vertical part of the bookshelf. Mirrors will help in reflecting the back of your book collection and will also make the entire bookshelf feel deeper. All the other decorative items on the bookshelf can also be highlighted by the use of the mirrors on the rear side of the bookshelf.

Paint different shelves in different colors

Consider painting different shelves in different colors in order to accentuate the look of your bookshelf. This will also help you in drawing attention towards the book collection that you have put on display. If your bookshelf is made of wood, then consider painting it white. White color offsets the shelf from the other furniture in the room and also helps in highlighting the books that are kept on display. The items that you use to decorate your bookshelf also play an important role in determining the color of the bookshelf. Shiny and bright objects go well on a dark background. On the other hand, items like white figurines and model cars look unique on light background.

Wood lettering and other decorations

Adding letters around the bookshelf helps in personalizing it and in sprucing up the look of your bookshelf. Wood lettering also helps in drawing attention of the people towards your bookshelf and its precious collection of books. Learning how to decorate a bookshelf can be a little difficult, but if you have the correct idea, it can turn out to be very interesting.