How to Clean a Very Crowded Room

If you have a room that appears as a showcase for worn out furniture and a pile of unnecessary stuff, then it is time to learn how to clean a very crowded room. There are some useful steps that you can use in cleaning a room that is overly crowded with unnecessary furniture. Just imagine how difficult it would be to clean a room with American furniture here and Japanese furniture there and even some old furniture for the children to use. Cleaning such a room is not just enough as you would need to re-do the entire room.

Prepare yourself

Pull back your hair, put on some old rags and do not wear shoes. Switch on the lights in the room and uncover the windows of blinds. Turn on some music that could really be energetic and something that you might love while working. Do not go for music that is tiring and slow. Grab all the cleaning supplies and just sing and dance while cleaning the entire room.

Start from under the sofas, bed and closets

Try pulling everything out and then organize the things in small piles. Throw away, give away, store, recycle or keep the things. Clean off the surfaces that are changing color, plain dusty and moldy. After this, you need to decide on the piles that have to be put in. Continue with the cleaning process until the things underneath your bed are completely clean.

How to Clean a Very Crowded Room

Get hold of books

Remove all important books from the shelves and sort them in small piles. At the same time you should also check with the quality and the condition of the books. If the books are in good condition and not required, then they can be donated to an orphanage, children’s hospital or library. If they are completely tattered, then they should be thrown away and if you have a sentimental value for the books then store them in good condition.

Cleaning the stuffed animals

Here also you need to keep just the ones in good condition and follow the same rules as you did with the books. You can give some of your favorite stuffed animals to your siblings or cousins if you face problems parting with them.

Pick up all your clothes

This process requires careful cleaning of the closet and trying things on. Look for the clothes that are too small, dirty, tattered, ugly or plainly out of fashion. Either donate them or throw them away. Having completed this step of getting rid of unwanted clothes, it is time for you sort your closet and make room for the clothes that you want. The clothes should be folded nicely and out neatly away by sorting them by season, style or color. You can also go for shelves or racks in order to store your clothes in good condition. Overall, you can choose to re-do your entire room if you are looking for the ways on how to clean a very crowded room.