How to Build Cheap Closet Shelves

Closet shelves help in neatly organizing clothes and making the most out of the available space that you have in your house. It is only because of this reason that people are interested to know how to build cheap closet shelves. However, it is important to note that it is the size of your closet shelves that cause a blow to your pockets when it comes to the cost of getting closet shelves made in the house. It is very easy to build cheap closet shelves, but it requires proper planning and execution. There are some clever tips that must be followed in building cheap closet shelves that look stylish and sturdy.

Choose the right material

If you require more storage space in your house, then you might be looking for the ways of building cheap closet shelves. This is not a very easy thing to do. However, with the choice of the right materials, simple plans and common tools you can always build strong and stylish closet shelves in an inexpensive way. The best thing that you can do in building cheap closet shelves in using cheap quality foam core for covering up certain unsightly areas. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this should not be done in those areas that are directly visible as this might not give a good look to your closet shelves.

How to Build Cheap Closet Shelves

Taking the measurements

The very first thing that you should measure in determining the width of your closet shelves is the width of the closet’s back wall. For shelves to build in a closet it is necessary for the back wall to measure 4 feet in its width.

Getting hold of the stud

The next step that you must follow in building closet shelves is getting hold of a stud in the closet’s back wall. The stud should be very close to the side wall of your closet. Using a stud-finder can help you in carrying out this step in an easy way. You can also make small holes using a nail until you are successful in hitting the wood that is found at the back of the drywall. After getting hold of the stud, make sure to mark a line at its length by using a pencil or a chalk. Starting right from the end, place marks at every 18 inches till the length of the drawn lines. This is how you can mark the placement and the height of the shelves.

Screwing the shelf brackets

Now is the time to screw your shelf brackets into the studs and this should be done in such a way that the top edge of every shelf bracket is in equal position with the marks that have been drawn with a pencil or a chalk. You can use one and a half inch screws for this purpose. You can also use a drill or a finishing nail to screw the shelf brackets easily into the wood by making a very minuscule pilot hole. Next lay lumber across shelf brackets and your closet shelves are completely ready to be used. This is a complete step by step guide on how to build cheap closet shelves.