Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You’ve probably heard of or read about a number of horror stories associated with the creepy crawly pests known as bed bugs which feed on human blood during the night. Bed bugs hide during the day and attack when you are sleeping, leaving small itchy bites similar to that of a mosquito. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t only strike in dirty and unsanitary conditions – they can be just at home in a house or hotel that’s well taken care of and spotlessly clean. Whilst professional extermination by a pest control company is usually the only effective way to completely get rid of a bed bug infestation, there are a number of home remedies you can use to help keep the problem at bay.

Rubbing Alcohol

Although this won’t get rid of a bed bug infestation entirely, rubbing alcohol can be used to kill some bed bugs on contact in areas such as beds and mattresses and can help to keep the problem under control before the professional exterminators arrive with more effective treatment such as bed bug fumigation. Cleaning with rubbing alcohol can also help to prevent bed bug infestations in the future.

Fruit and Vegetable Insecticides

If you have children or pets, you may be worried about using remedies or preventative treatments that are harsh and full of chemicals. Fruit and vegetable insecticides comprised of canola oils and pyrethrins can be an effective home remedy to both prevent and kill bed bugs as well as being safe for households with children or pets.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Steam Treatments

Although steam treatments are unable to get rid of any bed bugs hiding in tiny nooks and crannies, it’s a good home remedy which many professional companies including connorspest.com use to get rid of those visible bed bugs when you turn over a bed or other item of furniture. Hot steam can be used to kill bed bugs on contact on beds, curtains, blankets, and other surfaces.

Hot Washing and Drying

Temperatures over around 115F are said to be able to kill bed bugs, therefore if your home is suffering from a bed bug infestation it’s essential that you wash all bed linens, sheets and other fabrics where bed bugs could have laid eggs in a hot wash and dry in order to kill any remaining bugs, larvae or eggs. If you live in a hot climate, hanging bed linens outside to dry in the heat can also help to eliminate the chances of bed bugs returning.

Mint Leaves

Bed bugs aren’t very fond of the smell of mint, and you can drive them out of your home by leaving mint leaves lying around the house. Early Native Americans would use crushed mint leaves in their beds and children’s cradles to get rid of bed bugs, and this method is still effective today. Try placing dried mint leaves between your sheets and mattress and in your closet to keep the bed bugs at bay.

If you already have an infestation then these methods can help, but it’s still best to call the professionals.