Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is often thought by people to be something that is associated with the outdoors but air pollution can also be experienced indoors in offices, buildings and homes. Perhaps, it has been proved that offices, buildings and homes can be much more polluted than the outdoors. Air inside the houses gets polluted due to house dust, fire-retardants, formaldehyde, volatile chemicals and even radon. There are some pollutants that are found inside the home while others arrive through carpet cleaners, mattresses, paint and furniture.

Indoor air pollution can cause a lot of health problems and at the same time it can also turn out to be dangerous for children and adults who suffer from asthma. The different ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality have been detailed here.

Keep the floors fresh

In order to avoid indoor air pollution the floors of the house should be kept fresh by sweeping and mopping them on a regular basis. If the floors are cleaned regularly, it helps in reducing irritants and allergens that cause air pollution. Dusting should always be done by the use of a damp cloth in place of feather duster and all the areas should be covered including the refrigerator top and the ceiling fans. It is also important to purchase nontoxic, unscented and non-aerosol cleaning products so that harmful vapors can be avoided.

Ways to Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Health humidity level should be kept

Moisture is loved by mold and dust mites and this is the reason why it is important to maintain a healthy humidity level inside the house. The humidity level inside the house should range between thirty to fifty percent because this helps in keeping the allergens, mold and dust mites under control. People can also use dehumidifiers and air conditioners in order to reduce the level of moisture in air that is found indoors because this helps in regulating and controlling allergens in a very effective way.

Try making your home no-smoking zone

Cigarette smoke is considered to be the main cause of air pollution inside the house and cigarette smoke is also said to contain four thousand chemicals at one go. Therefore it is very important to make the house a zone for no-smoking because cigarette smoke can result in the development of respiratory and ear infections among children, cancer, asthma, heart attacks and breathing problems for the smoker.

Testing for radon

Radon problem can exist in a house whether it is new or old. Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that is said to increase the risk of suffering from lung cancer. Radon is considered to be the trigger factor for lung cancer and smoking inside a house that is not free from radon can increase the risk of contracting lung cancer for the inmates of the house. Therefore, in order to reduce air pollution inside the house a radon test is very important to be conducted.

Circulate and circulate

Even if the weather outside is quite cool, the doors and the windows of the house should be opened for some time in order to allow fresh air circulation within the house and this should be done specially while cooking, painting or cleaning the house. If it is not at all possible then the ceiling fan should be switched on in order to keep the air circulating. These are some of the simple ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality.