Upgrading the Curb Appeal of Your Home with Folding Glass Doors

Summer time seems to be the perfect time of year to give your home a wide array of updates and upgrades. There is a lot of different ways you can change the actual look and feel of any home, and many more ways you can make the actual value increase too.

Over the past decade there has been one trend that keeps popping up and is slowly being seen in many homes all across North America and the UK, folding glass doors instead of walls. That is right! Folding glass doors. These doors take the place of walls, with similar strength but more functionality.

Improving Your Homes Curb Appeal

Glass doors have commonly been used on the fronts and backs of homes for doorways, but until recent years it was usually only one pane of glass versus multiple. You’d see your standard doorway, usually just one panel doors and in some instances French doors. These doors would of course have framing and such that really cut off the actual openness of the doors.


Now however, folding glass doors are replacing the common doors and offering a more openness and welcoming to homes everywhere. Some homes only have three or four panes of glass, while others can have full length walls of glass. It of course will depend on each individual’s preference.

The doors are designed to open right up and out of the way, really bringing the outdoors indoors; without all the grass of course!

Energy Efficient and Eye Appealing

Most people do not realize that these doors are actually more energy efficient then the common door. They are designed to meet the exact needs and specifications of each home. Each home is unique, making the need for customized builds more common when it comes to folding glass doors. With each being custom made, they are likely to have minimal air drafts; cutting costs on both heating and cooling, while also maintaining temperature within homes better as well.


Alongside being energy efficient, they are also even visually appealing. Most folding glass doors are designed to be glass, with only an outer frame. There is no inner framing allowing for a clear visual of the outdoors with zero obstructions. This is quite appealing from both the inside of a home but also the outside of a home.

Upgrading the curb appeal of your home can be done in many different ways. Folding glass doors are not only great going out to your backyard, but also on the front of your home too! By simply changing the look of your doorways with new, updated doors you are making your home more welcoming and visually appealing to all.