Selling Your Home due to Unforeseen Circumstances: Three Common Mistakes to Avoid

Life has a devastating habit of disrupting even the best-laid plans. There is not a person in the world that wants to be forced from their home, yet unforeseen circumstances can sometimes compel a move that we never desired. Bereavement, sudden redundancy, the collapse of a business – each of these can devastate our financial security, and when we no longer have the means to remain in your home selling your property is sometimes the only avenue left.

Unfortunately, the sudden and disconcerting nature of these sorts of circumstances can affect our capacity to deal with the situation sensibly and effectively. All too often, we make common blunders, destroying our chances of securing a sale, or limiting the profits that we make. These kneejerk reactions have no place on the property markets, and that’s why we’ve drawn together some useful tips to help you make the most of even the worst situation…

Selling Your Home due to Unforeseen Circumstances

1: Don’t Overprice Your Home

When it comes to securing a house sale, the first and most important rule is to attach a realistic value to your home. When you’re forced to sell due to unforeseen circumstances, speed is often of the essence, so overpricing your property and encouraging long, drawn-out negotiations is the last thing that you want to do. Seek a professional appraisal, listen to the experts, and follow their advice. 

2: Don’t Over-impose Yourself on Your Property

When you’re searching for a sale, it’s also important to take a step back and look at your home objectively. A reluctance to leave can mean that we’re slow to make the aesthetic changes necessary to secure a sale, but it’s better to do them sooner rather than later. If you make your presence felt too much, it will be a lot harder for potential buyers to envisage themselves in your house, and this will make it far less likely for anyone to fall in love with the property. De-clutter, depersonalise, and neutralise your home, and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of selling it.  

3: Don’t Leave Your Property on the Market for Too Long

One final and very important piece of advice is to set a deadline on securing a private sale. For those afflicted by financial problems, your funds are guaranteed to run out sooner rather than later, and it’s far better and more profitable to sell than it is to be repossessed. If no potential purchaser appears, then you may have to seek help from another source, and a property buying company such Quick Buyers could be the answer to your prayers. Although they’re unlikely to offer you as much as you’d get on the open market, they will provide a guaranteed sale and minimal legal and administrative fees, rewarding you with the capital you require whilst you still have the means to get it.

Score the sale you need today with these three simple steps.