Revealing Natural Beauty in Your Home

Rough edges, natural hues, structural necessity stealing the aesthetic spotlight; it’s well noted that stripping back your home décor can have a wonderful effect.Here are some areas where stripping away the excess can reveal the natural beauty of your property’s interiors.

Ugly wall papers and substandard plastering jobs crop up everywhere. Maybe you’ve inherited such a surface when moving into a new home?The typical psychological effect of exposure to an expanse of shoddy decorating will be to just get rid of the whole thing as fast as possible. The obvious answer is to rip it all off, and if you live in the right sort of build, why not just keep it all off?

Natural Beauty in Your Home

Many of you will have toyed with the idea of exposing brickwork and timbers before, but perhaps worried about looking like a ‘90sManhattan Cocktail Bar, and shunned it in favour of your wallpaper of choice, or simply in favour of a better plaster job than before. I say give it chance; it’s easier than you might think. Instructions for DIY fans can be found here. It also becomes a great backdrop for fabrics like Persian rugs or fancy curtains.

Natural Wood Colours

Upholstery is a way to pimp out old furniture, but do you really need to pimp out the classics?Eschewing textured fabrics and bright patterns for simple styles can dramatically de-clutter a room.Swapping those Art Deco style chairs for bold Macintosh geometry can lighten up the mood of a room and remove some of that overwhelming fabric.

The same is true of lacquered or painted wood versus natural tones. Pine wood looks especially fresh and natural compared to the oppressive opulence of civil war era styled lacquered furniture. A great selection can be found at Furniture Plus Online Limited. The light, natural hues and grains compliment the aesthetics of stripped down raw building materials.


All this stripping away of heavy fabrics and décor opens up space for a contrasting item or two to become to focus of the room.If you inherit a room with heavily patterned walls, heavy curtains andan overly ornate fireplace, and you set to work (in the spirit of this post) toning things down a bit, then by the time you have sorted out the drapes and the walls, maybe that fireplace will have room to flourish? Try and keep a balance between heavy and light, ornate and de-cluttered.