Laying Your Foundations

After years of dreaming about your dream home and enviously watching grand design, you’ve jumped feet first into property renovation.

With little to no experience of DIY let alone home renovation, it may be a shell of a building but you have big ideas to create it into to an architectural master piece.

Full of visions and excitement, it’s a daunting task ahead. And once you’ve got the blue print in your hands we know it can be a deer in the headlights moment.

Follow The Rules

No matter the scale of your renovation, ensure to contact your local council to gain planning permission. It’s also important to check that your plans do not conflict with any local rules or regulations. If dramatic alterations are required later on down the line it could mean going back to the drawing board and incur unnecessary costs.

Laying Your Foundations

Ask The Experts

Many people often seek the help of a project manager who has experience of completing large scale constructions. With their skills and expertise they can help you achieve your vision. Easing the burden of a big build can bring more enjoyment from the journey.

Get The A Team

Large constructions will need a lot of man power. As this team will be working on your dream home, ensure to get as many good references as possible. You need to trust their work and trust that they will do the job to the highest standard possible.

Do Your Research

Source your suppliers early on in the project. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor suppliers such as Decorative Aggregates, doing your research will benefit your time management. Suppliers should know their stock and know the quantities they can supply you. Having a trusted relationship with your suppliers will mean the project runs smoothly, without any painful delays.

Of course like many big projects you always start with a budget in mind. But when bumps in the road cause unexpected costs it can really throw a spanner in the works and put your plans on hold. If you need to get your head around costs, everyday loans have a useful blog that can help you understand where your budget should be distributed. It’s certainly worth a read because it can be scary when things aren’t thought og!

Feeling confident in your budget and costs will ease the stress of the big build so you can concentrate on being creative.