Why Use a Modular Building for a Home Office as Opposed to a Conservatory or Garage?

The traditional ‘home office’ as a place to work from home usually tends to be set up in a spare room, a conservatory or a garage. This has been a feature in homes across the western world for many years, due to the increase in jobs which allow for flexi-working from home. However, if you run your own business from home or are following a passion part-time to top up your income, you’ll also need space to do it in. But are conservatories or garages the best space for your office?

Issues with a Conservatory

Whilst during the short British summer months, the idea of bright sunlight shining into a space flooded with natural light late into the evening, kept warm by the weather outside and an ‘eco-friendly’ space which requires little power, sound like a good idea, they’re not that great all year round. This is the main flaw with a conservatory, it is inherently reliant upon the weather for it to be a productive space. The winter months with their short daylight hours, long nights and dull clouds present not only a bad workplace environment but can alsopotentially be bad for your sight. Finally, the location of a conservatory in the home, on the ground floor off the kitchen or living area, is not ideal for a home office, which should ideally be in a quieter, secluded area of the home.

Modular Building for a Home Office

Issues with a Garage

A garage isn’t quite as bad as a conservatory. For one thing, it could not be in a quieter or more secluded space, as garages are often removed from the main building and not readily accessible from the home without building work. The issues with a garage are therefore different in nature and can be split into different components. Firstly, they are usually designed as a place of storage or as a large space for messy activities such as maintaining your car or following a hobby such as painting. Secondly, with this design in mind, renovation work will be necessary in order to turn a garage into a functional office space which could be an expensive undertaking. Finally, if you decide to turn your garage into a home office, you’ll need to find a new location for all the items you have previously stored there. This includes your car, which may need to be parked on the street.

Modular Buildings as an Alternative

A modular building does require some construction work, but it will be worth it. By building a standalone fixture in your garden, you will benefit in several ways. You’ll have a dedicated and functional space for your home office, a purpose built building which is not infringing in anyway on your home, and with modern improvements in design, you’ll also have an eco-friendly space which can save you money long-term.

If a modular building is something you are interested in, take a look online to find out the options available to you. You’ll be amazed by the choice.