Best wooden Christmas Tree Ideas: Simple Tips for Decorating Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree is the evergreen coniferous tree that is historically well known to each and every person. It has been accustomed celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. Before going to know more about Christmas tree let discuss completely about Christmas.

Christmas is an annual ceremonial the birth of Jew being celebrated for years in winter season, discovered most typically on Gregorian calendar month twenty five as a non-secular and cultural celebration among billions of individuals around the world.People celebrate this day happily because it’s Lord Jesus Birthday. Christmas is a religious festival to Christians and it is annual festival. Among them Christmas tree plays a major role in Christmas celebration. Every year Christmas festival falls on 25th of December.In western countries people celebrate Christmas festival in different ways like providing surprise gifts to kids & youngsters by Santa at nights, giving sweets, wishing cards, chocolates, inviting friends & relatives, carol’s on street and decorating Christmas tree. Kids enjoy this festival and show their enthusiasm to prepare Christmas tree.

5 easy steps to create Christmas tree

Get a well-trimmed red wooden tree, green wooden tree etc..with lush branches and decorate it with twinkling lights, embroidery ornaments, golden bells, balloons, pine needles etc. Take these initial stock for creating DIY Christmas tree.

Steps for preparing Christmas tree

  1. Sketch the design: We can decorate Christmas tree in many waves so, before going to prepare let draw a rough sketch on paper that was in your mind. It is the best way to get you DIY simple.
  2. Preparing the Base:Get a wooden dowel Christmas tree (or) we can also prepare on our own for creating homemade wooden Christmas tree decorations first take pieces of wooden bars select one long wooden bar and place it vertically first.
  3. Figuring branches:Drill holes to the vertical center bar now place the other small wooden bars sides and make it as X shaped as follow.
  4. Trimming the tree:Take green colored papers and cut them in a leaf shape and attach those leaves with glue to the plain wooden Christmas tree or we can get some eastern hemlock leaves and decorate it. So that it simply looks like green wooden Christmas tree. Place some lights at edges, connect small electric bulbs and twist around the tree after doing this process it views like Lighted Wooden Christmas Tree.
  5. Finishing Touches: For looking better attach some paper roses, bells, stars, placing pines at the bottom of the floor and decorate the tree with all these for extra appearances.

    Decorating Wooden Christmas Tree

Celebrating Christmas is only fulfilling with decorating Christmas tree. Without Xmas tree celebrating festival won’t finish. So, here I’m giving the information about ideas about creating wooden Christmas tree and decorating wooden Christmas tree. Generally Christmas tree is created with Red wood, Green wood, Vintage wood etc. Preparing X-mas tree indicates that we are inviting the spring to return.

Red Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations: Get red wood tree from thick green areas like nurseries.

Red Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorate this empty tree with full of roses made from colored papers,attach ribbons, balloons, stars, symbols and electric bulbs. After decorating all these stuffs red wooden Christmas tree views as follows.

red wooden Christmas tree

Unique Christmas tree decorating Ideas

Here we also have some unique Christmas tree decorating ideas like preparing vintage wooden Christmas tree, Green wooden Christmas tree, Wooden Led Christmas tree etc.

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree: Nothing but preparing tree with white colored stuff so that it appears like vintage. Means color wood with white, white bulbs etc and decorating with white snow flakes.

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree

Green Wooden Christmas Tree: Decorating tree completely with green hemlock leaves, green ribbons, etc.

Green Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Led Christmas Tree: Trimming single wooden bar in pine tree shape and decorating the ornaments, bulbs etc views as wooden Led Christmas tree.Wooden Led Christmas Tree

We also get some other Christmas tree decorating items like wooden Scandinavian Christmas Tree nothing but tree modules, Wooden Peg Christmas Tree, wooden Christmas tree star for decorations, wooden Christmas tree wall hanging in market. You can also buy this stuff in online.

Finally wooden Christmas tree table decoration – we can also decorate Christmas tree table with balls, ribbons, pine pieces, snowflakes, socks etc, candles, rings etc for more attraction and finishing touch.

wooden Christmas tree table decorationLike this we can decorate Christmas tree in easy ways and enjoy the festival by DO IT YOURSELF.