Bring Floral Scents into Your Home

There are few other things that can instantly freshen up your home (and your mood!) quite like the rich, uplifting aroma of a flower bouquet. Nowadays you can achieve this miraculous effect even in the dead of winter – just pick out the right kind of quality scented candles and enjoy the exquisite fragrances mother nature designed. Here is the rundown on why scented candles are the best.

Any flavour, any time
Scented candles let you pick and choose between your favourite floral fragrances and bring them home in any time and season. Flowers are very perishable and gentle by definition, but you can prolong the positive effect of your preferred natural aromas with a good quality scented candle which you can also start and stop at will.

Floral Scents into Your Home

No more sneezing
A growing number of people suffer from pollen allergy which takes away the sensual enjoyment of natural fragrances – a true loss! This is where scented candles come to the rescue: They deliver the full floral richness without irritating the airways with nasty particles.

Fragrance layering
If you were gifted with a particularly keen sense of smell and a spark of creativity, you can try your hand at creating unique scented candle ensembles which give your home a signature atmosphere. This is called fragrance layering, and it involves mixing two or more products of similar or complementary flavour. The results can be nothing short of stunning. Think of the process as scent ikebana!

Get into the mix
After playing around with fragrance layering and training your olfactory to recognise pleasant combinations, you can also try your hand at engineering completely new scents! Scented wax and aromatic oils lend themselves to a variety of combinations – from classic to outlandish mixtures, which are all your own!

Play to the other senses
High-quality scented candles do not only caress and invigorate your sense of smell. They come in aesthetically crafted glass jars, and their rich and warm colouring extends throughout their wax bodies. The wicks are chosen to match each product’s fragrance signature and produce a stable, uniform flame throughout the burning process. The care invested in producing a good scented candle matches the beauty and enjoyment you derive from having a real bouquet in your home and produces consistently excellent, personalised results.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle UK.