Advantages of Motorized Blinds Explored

Having motorized blinds in your homes or offices can be a great idea both in terms of luxury and convenience. Motorized blinds are nothing but a simple window treatment design whereby you can make use of remote control timers, touch screen pad, sensors and batteries instead of opening or closing blinds manually. What more??? These blinds are available with possibly every shape, size, design and texture.

They would prove particularly helpful if you’re living in a place which is ruled by climactic extremities like wind, rains, hurricanes, gales etc. As they can be operated just with the help of a click, they are also suitable for homes resided by people suffering from arthritis or any kind of disability – making it difficult for them to move and open and close windows manually. Go through the post further in a bid to know more about the advantages of motorized window blinds.

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Advantages of Electronic Draperies

Motorized blinds are an integral part of our home décor. Besides, they also protect our furniture from the strong UV rays of the sun. Learn how they score over the normal blinds.

They are Likely to Last Longer than the Normal Ones

Yes though they may appear to be smaller than the manually operated blinds, motorized blinds generally last longer. With the normal blinds you always are exerting some kind of pressure with your hands (no matter how little the pressure is). On the other hand, the motorized ones can be operated hands-free. Each of the slats moves exactly in the same fashion as they are controlled electronically. So there are fewer chances of breakage and eventually the blinds end up lasting longer.

Motorized Blinds

They Also Offer a Considerable Measure of Safety

Now, the blind cords might turn out to be a source of danger if you have a baby in your house. There actually are instances when small children have died after getting tangled in blind cords when they tried to explore these chords – being driven by innocent curiosity. Though this is an issue which is often overlooked by homemakers, you should consider it seriously if you’re expecting a baby soon or already have one at your home. With the electronic blinds there’s no such danger.

They Are Extremely Convenient to Use

At times, it might become very difficult to use the normal blinds. The slats might become dislodged or twisted. Even the chord that controls the slats might as well become tangled or knotted. It might also become difficult for you gain access to the cord especially when the blind is high up or else when it is behind some furniture. With the electronic blind you don’t have to deal with any such difficulty. Just a push of a button can help you here. You don’t even need to reach out for the cord desperately in a bid to operate the blind.

Knowing More

Please remember that the electronic blinds might cost you a bit more than the normal ones. The prices generally vary with the size of the window for which they are being installed and the complexity of the entire unit.