A Lucrative Guide to Weekend House Cleaning

A thorough cleanup of your home during the weekends can quite be an ordeal for those who work strenuously outside the home for 8-10 hours a day. You definitely need short cut ideas to help you make the home squeaky clean during weekends. Plus you need to unwind the weekends with friends and family as well. This gets even more challenging with kids around. There are many couples who always have this question in mind: How do we balance both? Here is a look at few of the exciting ways to refresh your home during the weekends.

First things first

What do you first see when you take an inspection around the rooms of your home? Soiled and piled up clothes which you might have worn during the week, isn’t it? You need to give it a neat look. Take clothes from each and every room. Quickly segregate clothes into washed ones, ones which require laundry or ironing, ones which can be draped neatly into the cupboard back again, clothes which require airing in the sunshine for an hour or two, so on and so forth. You can get your husband and kids at home help you with this activity. May be as soon as you have finished your morning cup of coffee, you can neatly put piled up clothes in their respective places.

Weekend House Cleaning

Dust out carpets

Once you are done with the clothes, start dusting carpets one by one. The living rooms and bedrooms can be given a skip upon. Take the vacuum cleaners and dusters out and start cleaning up the carpets. Once this is done, you can look at other areas of housekeeping which require a cleanup.


You can now take a gaze at the bathroom. You can take help of your elder kids to clean the washbasins, etc. You can may be then clean the floors and walls of the bathroom. Allow the room to dry. You can use paper rolls and avoid using water in order to maintain the dryness of your bathrooms.


Now you can quickly dispose any unused plates and utensils to the kitchen trash or attic. You can take the help of your husband help you with this. Segregate bowls and jars which are filled with food items. Keep only those items which you would use for your day-to-day cooking. The other unused food items can be pushed to the back portion of your kitchen shelves. Say for instance, you are not going to be using chocolate sauce everyday to bake cakes. Neither are you going to make macaroni’s every alternate day. You can put the pudding base items into the refrigerator or push those items to a make shift storeroom in case you don’t have a separate one.

Dining and living area

Now comes the living and dining area. You can keep the dining table as neat as possible. Just place a large fruit bowl in the center of the table. You can arrange fruits like kiwis, grapes, apples, oranges and strawberries inside a rolling bowl holder or a large stationary one. Plus you can place a flower vase with exclusive set of flowers. You can pluck them from the ones grown in your own garden and arrange them beautifully. Likewise you can spruce up the living room by arranging the books according to their readers and also see that the coffee table is not filled up by old news papers. Changing just the arrangement of the sofas and chairs in the living room can also give a different and new look to your home.

This guide to weekend house cleaning may not completely affect your home but it as well helps you organize things quickly so that you are ready with all the energy for the tasks ahead for the coming week. You can invite friends over for dinner or you can take your loving husband and kids out to a grand restaurant to unwind during the weekends and take the pressure off.