9 Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces

These 9 inspiring outdoor living spaces help you create a perfect home which you always dreamt of. These calm spaces help you relax your body and mind after a hard day’s work or help you to enjoy the company of your friends during the weekends. Most people find it very challenging to understand which outdoor living space concept they should select. Here are some easy yet wonderful ideas.

1. Creating a rustic roof top

If you are lucky to enjoy a large rooftop you can create a rustic rooftop which is generously endowed with greenery. When you invite your friends during the weekends you can bring out your barbeque grill and enjoy a great dinner soaking in the wonderful ambience.

2. Converting your small parking plot into a courtyard

Most homes have a small parking lot which is seldom used. You can convert the parking lot into a courtyard where you can place a few potted plants and extend your garden area. By using an enclosure the courtyard can be converted into a family entertainment zone too.

3. Using your outdoor balcony

If you are staying in an urban city a small outdoor balcony can be converted to an outdoor room. Here you can read and listen to your favorite music in your own time and enjoy your snail pace too.

4. Creating a California terrace

If you have a bare terrace it can be converted into an outdoor room by using the California terrace concept. Here large drapes are used to give the terrace an enclosure and create some privacy space on the terrace. Once the drapes are pulled down you have your own private lounge where you can entertain your families and friends.

Outdoor Living Spaces

5. Implementing the ambience of a deck

If you are lucky to have a spare outdoor space you can convert it into a contemporary deck by adding beautiful candle holders and a large painting on the wall. Comfortable chairs can be next added as per your requirements.

6. Using the concept of minimalism in your balcony

If you do not like flamboyancy then you can use the principles of minimalism in your balcony. The balcony area could be painted using white color and dark ebony furniture’s can be used sparingly in the balcony area.

7. Developing your own garden oasis

If you have a great front garden you can get a professional landscaper to create an artificial oasis in your outside space. You can them make a pebble pathway to your home and decorate the area with various potted plants. This would add great ambience and bring nature closer to your home.

8. A terrace which sports a Georgian style

If you have a large outside space and funds are not a problem, you can convert the large space into a Georgian terrace which would usher in classical vintage elements into your home.

9. A clean and modern balcony

When analyzing the inspiring outdoor living spaces, you do not need to use any fanciful ideas, but can create a simple, clean balcony for yourself where you can place small chairs and a table and enjoy yourself a quite dinner there every day.