15 DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Home

DIY lighting ideas can play a significant role in bringing about a great change in the look and feel of your home. May people these days have started discovering the importance of good lighting design to highlight a particular space. There are different varieties of lighting designs that can be used from a collection of complex and huge pendants, lamps and chandeliers. However, it is best to look out for the ones that you can design yourself. These 15 DIY lighting ideas will give you the freedom of choosing your own materials, colors, designs and various other details.

1. Pendant lamp made from hemp string

Pendant lamp made from hemp string

Hemp strings can be used for making a pendant lamp which might seem very complicated but in reality it is a very easy thing to do. The things that you will require for making a pendant lamp include bouncy balls, hemp string and craft glue.

2. Stainless steel pendant lamp

Stainless steel pendant lamp

The stainless steel pendant lamps look very beautiful when placed in the dining area or in the kitchen. These pendant lamps can be made using silverware caddies.

3. Book lampshade

Book lampshade

The pages in a book can be used for creating a very elegant and beautiful effect if light is completely diffused and allowed to spread through the pages. This is a DIY lighting project that is very simple.

4. Snowball light

Snowball light

Snowball light can easily be made using coffee filters in basket style, strings of LED lights and hardware cloth. These are some basic elements that you will easily find in your house and therefore it can be said that this lighting project is quite affordable too.

5. Bamboo orb lamp

Bamboo orb lamp

The bamboo orb lamps appear very beautiful visually and they are basically made using flexible bamboo. For this project, you will require mini spring clamps, scissors, cord kit and glue.

6. Lamp covered in sequins and glitter

Lamp covered in sequins and glitter

You can transform a simple lamp into a charming lighting piece for your room by using some sequins and glitters for decorating the lamp.

7. Star-lights


String lights look very beautiful when used artistically in a room. They can be draped around the decorative items used in the room or they can also be hung on the walls of the room. They look extremely beautiful when used in star shape.

8. Spray-paint lamp

Spray-paint lamp

If you are not satisfied with the color of the lamp that you have in your room, then you can easily modify the lamp by spray-painting it. This will make the lamp look better.

9. Ping-pong lights

Ping-pong lights

Make use of LED lights and ping-pong balls for creating lights in cool colors. These help in making the room look cozy during the night.

10. DIY pineapple light

DIY pineapple light

Use a bottle and plastic spoons for making lights that look very similar to a pineapple. This lighting project can be used for giving the room a beachy look and feel.

11. Illuminated bouquet

Illuminated bouquet

This is a kind of floral illumination that can be done by making use of LED branch and dimensional flowers made out of paper or plastic.

12. Carpet lights in bright white

Carpet lights in bright white

Carpet lights in bright white color can be created by combining LED tube lights with a knotted rug. This makes for an awesome carpet.

13. Cactus lamp to be used outdoors

Cactus lamp to be used outdoors

This is a playful DIY lighting idea that serves as a very sweet little piece of beautiful lighting in the outdoors.

14. Glowing cotton lights

Glowing cotton lights

The sticks of cotton candy can be substituted with LED wands in various colors. These make for wonderful lighting both for the indoors and the outdoors.

15. Bottle chandeliers

Bottle chandeliers

Wine bottles can be used for making this elegant piece of lighting that can be used in the form of party light. This is one of the most creative ideas among all the 15 DIY lighting ideas that have been detailed above.