Learn How to Tile a Countertop with These Simple Steps

While planning to refurbish the home interiors, the kitchen slips in as a really important part. It may sometimes happen when a complete remodel of the kitchen seems unaffordable. Small but effective changes can give a new look to the kitchen at such times. In order to tile a countertop people can follow the following steps which facilitates the entire process.

1. Disconnect plumbing and remove sink

The supply of water beneath the sink should be turned off. The drains and hoses should be disconnected before lifting out the sink so as to facilitate the tiling work.

2. Cut countertop base from plywood

The dimensions of the new countertop should be marked. Cut out a straight edge following the mark and then cut out the base panel with the help of a circular saw.

How to Tile a Countertop

3. Position the countertop

The base of the countertops should be placed on the cabinets which should then be fixed on the top of the cabinets with the help of screws.

4. Cut a sink sized hole on the plywood

A cardboard template of sink should be made and it should then be placed at the centre of the countertop over the cabinets. The outline of this template should then be traced and the opening should be cut with the help of jigsaw. Care must be taken to see that the cut piece doesn’t fall away. Moreover, temporary supports can be attached for the purpose.

5. Matching the countertop with sink

A backer board should be cut matching the countertop. The board should be cut along cut line. The hole for the sink should be cut open with the help of masonry bit and spiral cutting saw.

6. Apply Thin-T mortar to plywood

Fast drying mortar should be applied to the plywood board in ridges of ¼ inches. The notched edge of the trowel should be used for the application of the mortar. The backer board should be set in place and secured with the help of galvanized nails.

7. Determine the right spacing between the tiles

The tiles must be placed without mortar to check the right spacing between them. When about it is time to tile the countertop, care should be taken that the placing should be such that it represents grout seam between tiles.

8. Use different adhesives

A flexible adhesive should be attached to the sides of the countertop, whereas for the top a thin-set mortar should be used for protecting the edge of tile from the possibility of cracking. To tile the countertop the edge tile should be set first, following which the whole field tiles should be set with the use of vinyl spacers to assure a uniform position of the tiles.

9. Tiles should fit sink and edges

The tiles should be scored along the marked lines and pressing the handle would break them off. Mortar should be applied on the backs of the cut tile to set them in a position.

10. Grout the tile

Distribute grout through the tile and with a rubber float. Then firmly press it into every joint and excess should be raked out.