Some Eco Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Making improvements in the home décor beautifies it and also adds value to the home. When one considers making home improvements in the present day world, one would definitely consider eco friendly options. Every responsible homeowner, today, would consider making his house as green as practicable. Here are some of the eco friendly ideas for home improvement.

Replace standard bulbs with fluorescent ones

The conventional light bulbs in the house can be replaced with the compact fluorescent bulbs. These are energy smart bulbs and they consume seventy to seventy five percent less energy as compared to the conventional bulbs. Moreover, the fluorescent bulbs last for a longer period than the ordinary bulbs.

Installation of solar panels

The technique of heating homes by solar energy is more than a thousand year old concept. However, solar panels are completely modern and are eco friendly. The solar panels are installed on the roof tops and they regulate the temperature of the entire house keeping it cool in the summers and warm in the winters. As it is that the new ones are quite expensive, one can also consider getting hold of a used one.

Eco Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Installation of motion detector

The outdoor lighting of the house can be replaced with motion detector. The outdoor lights that are kept on throughout the night not only consume unnecessary energy but also disturb the animals and creatures outside. There are certain light fixtures available that are activated by the motion sensors or timer, and help in keeping the area well lit. Besides it also saves energy and thus saves money.

Compost pile in the backyard

A compost pile can be created in a private spot in the yard. Food wastes should be mixed with other wastes and dirt and the mass should be turned over each week with a shovel so as to allow air circulation in it. One can also add to it such wastes as eggshells, rotten vegetables, and coffee grounds in the soil and the garbage.

Get window tint installed

One can also consider window tinting so as to avoid the sun’s constant glare. There are a number of energy saving and beneficial effects. The most important thing tinting of the windows should do is the reduction of heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. The process also obstructs up to ninety nine percent of the ultra violet rays from entering the house and therefore increases the longevity of the belongings inside by reducing their exposure to sun.

Adding insulation to the water heater

It is important to remember that the conventional water heaters that are found in almost all homes are switched on at all times. Offering an extra insulation to the appliance would help reduce the consumption of energy to a great extent and would reduce the costs by about fifteen percent.