10 Tricks to Expand a Small Space

A small space can be expanded by using a little brain and by adding some tricks. One can only keep those things which are in high need and are given by loved persons. Other than this method one can also keep the unused materials in a box and then keep it to some place such as the lofts or the store rooms. In the following paragraph there is a short description of the tricks to expand a small space.

1. Adding multipurpose pieces

Investing in the furniture which will serve many functions is a great way to create a streamline of the room. People generally have the idea of tucking away the blankets and the books, and also make a compact footrest. It is in a way a good method to expand a small space.

2. Paint with light shades of color

The dark colors might be seemed as a design-friendly, but they make the rooms look smaller. The lighter the shade of the wall is, the more open the space will become, so it is obviously better to stick to the pale blues or the grays or the greens or the yellows, and the creams. Darker color can look the room more clumsy and small.

3. Reflect the room

The wall-to-wall mirrors might seem like the older designs which are the leftovers, but adding a little glass can open up the area and reflect the light. It can look very much attractive and also different from the other walls.

Tricks to Expand a Small Space

4. Space the things out

Sometimes a piece can look better at an angle or can look better when it is surrounded by space. Give the furniture a different look in the drawing room. It can be done by angling the bed or floating the sofa in the living room with a different type of console behind it.

5. Fold the furniture

The dining tables which can be smaller or larger in size with a removable or the drop leaves which can let one make the most out of the combined living and dining area.

6. Bedding change

Make the room expand by painting the walls, then trimming, and detailing in the different shades of one color, such as white and off-white and beige or the combination of two different shades one light and another dark.

7. Ceiling color

One can paint the ceiling with pop or bright colors or can keep the ceiling just plain white which makes the room more spacious.

8. Decorating the room

In a small space, the favorite items can look clumsy unless you arrange them according to their color and shape and size.

9. Maintaining Space

Rather than putting lots of tiny showpieces everywhere, keep something big and attractive.

10. Other

Apart from following these 10 tricks to expand a small space one can also follow the ideas of friends and also follow the Internet for having a clear idea as to how a home can be decorated so as to look spacious.