Tips on How to Start an Organic Garden

The tips available on how to start an organic garden are very helpful in the process of gardening but it must be kept in mind that it is a process of working with the nature rather than fighting against it. Organic gardening is the process in which people nurture the plants that they want to possess and use such as the fruits and the vegetables and deprive those they do not want such as weeds. It is also a process that includes keeping away the pests from the garden. There are several steps included in the process of organic gardening which would help in getting the good organic produce.

Organic Garden


Like many other day to day jobs, organic gardening is also a process that requires good planning in order to get good results. First of all, the growth of the vegetables must be restricted to only four or five. The vegetables that have a short growing season should be planted and along with this companion planting should also be done in order to ensure an increase in the size of the harvest.


The quality of the soil is the most important factor in organic gardening because it is only the soil that helps the fertilizers, the pesticides and the herbicides to work well on the plants. Good soil is always important because it helps in the growth of healthy plants which are very important in keeping away bugs and diseases.

Raised beds

It is not particularly for organic gardening but raised beds are very important and very effective in gardening because of the fact that they provide good drainage, warm up very fast during the spring and contain that quality of soil that does not get compact by walking.


This is a very important step included in organic gardening because it is necessary for a gardener to know the details of planting like the dates and the spacing that should be given between two plants. It is also important to harden the plants before setting them out.


It is the food of the plant that is needed by the plant for its growth. The work of the compost is to take away waste matter and transform it into plant food that might be used by the plant and ensure its growth.

Pest and weed control

This is an area that is considered to be taken special care of and this is one area where the gardener needs to shine. Crop rotation is a method that can be used for controlling the insects and the pests that damage the plants and raised beds and mulch can be used in doing away with the weeds. This point is also considered to be one of the most important tips on how to start an organic garden.