How to Create Tiered Garden Walls

If gardening is your favorite hobby then you would surely want it to become the center of attraction before guests and other spectators. For achieving this goal, you need to create tiered walls securing the perimeter of your garden for imparting an organized and decent look to your garden. If you are searching for ideas regarding creating tiered garden walls then you can go through the following ideas.

Clearing of Area

As a part of this initiative, you need to clear the area of the garden where you are planning to develop the wall. If the place is already occupied with an existing divider then split it to create space for newly layered dividers. You have the chance of saving money if you can manage to reuse existing stones for this new venture. But even then, you will require additional stones for shading the face of the newly laid divider and to level them at from the top.

Digging of Footings

Then you have to burrow footings for creating new levels. The required height for each of such level is twenty inches with the required balance depth of twelve inches. It is mainly for the purpose of strengthening divider of three feet. It is better to consult an experienced gardener or a landscape designer otherwise your newly constructed wall may tumble upon your plants and can damage them severely.

 Tiered Garden Walls

Concrete Adding to Footings

Subsequently, you have to include cement in pre-blended form with footings. Such cements are actually concrete fusioned with sand along with smaller rock particles for ensuring superior quality. You need to pour this concrete within a wheelbarrow. With the help of a cultivator try to blend it like spread. You must not forget to use safety gears like face mask to prevent breathing dust particles. After you manage to prepare the concrete, pour it over a column of twelve inch depth for the purpose of stability.

Assembling of Wall

When you are about to assemble the wall, just ensure that it is straight and leveled. Firstly, you need to set up wood stakes or steel bars for the posts at each end of the divider and then start drawing the string line in-between them. It is important that your string is adequately leveled against any nearby structure or divider because only then you will be able to lay down your stones.

Wall Capping

Then your step next involves topping of your wall. For that you will require stones having a level and smooth top and then you can experiment with various artistic combinations to make it visually appealing before the spectators.

These are some of the ideas that you can employ at the time of constructing such rock blocks in your garden. If you want to bring innovation in your construction, then you must opt for an expert consultant regarding the ways to create tiered garden walls.