Great Grass During a Hosepipe Ban

I love a good lawn, I mean who doesn’t? There is something that is just un-toppable about lazing around in a garden on a sunny afternoon and part of that for me is feeling the grass beneath my toes as I’m getting out my chequered picnic blanket, a bottle of pink fizz and some strawberries. Once I’m set up I’m quite happy to stay there all day, why move, what could be better?

Of course the maintenance of such a dream lawn is far from easy. First there’s the installation which takes several men, a lot of money and then weeks of careful upkeep, watching the turf daily for its progress. And then there’s the general watering of and cutting of the lawn once it is established., protecting it from pets and children, already my dream lawn seems further and further away.

Great Grass During a Hosepipe Ban

I mean, is there a chore more hated by teens around the world than mowing the lawn? It’s just so much effort! The only way that lawn mowing is acceptable in my life is if it happens like the diet coke advert, then I’m up for it. However, in reality this is far from the truth and what normally happens is some spotty teenager turns up to cut your lawn and leaves half way through claiming he is allergic to grass pollen. Not good.

So what could be a solution to my woes? Well, how about some faux grass instead?  Now I know what you’re thinking, but seriously I fell that it could be the way forward. No watering, no weeding and no cutting. No telling the kids that they can’t play on the grass because it’s too wet, no stopping your dog from rolling round and it will always be green, even during a hosepipe ban. Genius.

So, solution found. But who can help me to choose the right product and install it efficiently and with the minimum fuss? How about the largest suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, They have an amazing range of grasses, from budget to luxury artificial grass products, with many shades of green in between. Who knew there was such a range? There’s even a product called ‘Natural Summer Grass’ and with a name like that I’m sold. Bring on those lazy afternoons in the sun. ..I just hope the British weather doesn’t let me down.