A Garden in the Home with Window Farms

Located on the windows, these vertical gardens are made to inspire others so that they also come up with their private window farms. It is believed to be a convenient way of developing food inside homes without the need to look anywhere else. Britta Riley along with Rebecca Bray was the first to come up with this concept and the company has now reached a level where they are being recognized worldwide. Hydroponic systems are sold by the company for the purpose of growing food within the windows of houses, apartments, etc.

Home with Window Farms

Windowsills required for window farms

Although, it is advisable to use south facing windowsills for the purpose of window farms, west and east windows too are capable of offering necessary support for the maintenance and sustenance of the gardens.

Crops which can be grown

If the setup is properly built then it is possible for the owners to grow any type of crops. However, it has always been observed that such types of farms are ideal for growing leafy greens and herbs.

Setting up the window farm

Window farms offer the perfect opportunity to the users to reuse plastic containers or bottles which are of no use anymore. However, it is important to make sure that toxin or other harmful chemicals do not get into the gardening system. Those who are interested towards building a custom window farm will require following supplies for the set up:

  • Air pump for aquarium is a must for those who wish to go along hydroponics route. It is not necessary to have an expensive air pump as inexpensive ones can serve the purpose of feeding the plants and keep nutrient solutions oxygenated.
  • Sterile potting mix is the best solution for soil gardeners for window farms. People making use of hydroponics system may even use Hydroton, Rockwool or Coconut fibre for growing the plants.

It is estimated that by the year 2014, nearly one hundred window farms will get included within offices and homes which will serve as a big boost for the project. Recently at Eyebeam, the founders installed a huge farm where they grew a bunch of herbs, flowers, chives, Bok choi, basil, peppers, and tomatoes. Apart from that, sweet potatoes were also tried but that didn’t work out owing to the fact that root vegetables are not easy to grow in less soil conditions. The project undertaken by Bray and Riley clearly reflects values of independence, community responsibility, inter-connection, and environmental sustainability.

The concept of the project is not only unique but has provided people with a chance to think about what can be done for a better living without the need to search for additional resources. Window farms have led to the evolution of indoor gardening in an innovative yet effective way.  It would surely contribute to the cause of making the surrounding environment a much better place.