5 Ways that Living in a Green-Friendly Apartment Can Save You Money

Everyone is looking to save a little cash, especially on living expenses. Living in a green-friendly apartment is a great way to save money every month and do your part for the environment as well. You may find apartments that offer many eco-friendly solutions such as energy efficient appliances, low flow showerheads and on-site recycling services; however there are plenty of things you can do to make your apartment green-friendly and save money in the process. Here are 5 ways that living in a green apartment helps you go easier on your wallet and the planet.

Lower utility costs

Living in an apartment that takes advantage of energy efficient options means lower utility costs each month. Energy efficient appliances can reduce the overall bill significantly as does energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs and electronics. Low flow showerheads and toilets paired with efficient dishwashers and washing machines means lower water bills. Even if you don’t pay the utility costs – you do. If your landlord covers the cost of water or electricity it is ultimately included in your rent. If the entire apartment complex has adopted eco-friendly energy sources, it will mean lower costs for everyone.

Green-Friendly Apartment

Green cleaning

Green apartments are no place for toxic chemicals. Luckily the less toxic cleaning products are cheaper too! Forget the pricey products in the cleaning aisle. Just pick up a gallon of white vinegar and baking soda instead. From sterilizing countertops to cleaning windows and showers, these all-natural products that your grandparents used work just as well. Keep the toxins out of your apartment and the cash in your pocket.

Growing your own food

An excellent addition to a green-friendly apartment is a garden. Obviously apartment gardening is a bit different than gardening in a big backyard, but it is still very much possible. Grow herbs, tomatoes and even lettuce in pots or hydroponic systems. You may even be able to find apartments close to a co-op where you can rent garden space. You’ll find that eating food you’ve grown yourself can be cheaper and you’re likely to waste less because you don’t pick it until you’re ready to eat it.


An apartment that is considered “green” is also likely close to public transportation, stores and business areas. This means less commuting and lower fuel costs. In fact for Seattle apartments to be considered eco-friendly, easy access to buses and other types of mass transit is a must. While residents will obviously have to pay for public transportation, it almost always works out to be less than maintaining and fueling their own vehicle.

Reduce and reuse

One important characteristic of being eco-friendly is wasting less. This means repurposing old items and buying products used instead of new. You can already see how quickly this will save you money. Decorate your green-friendly apartment with art from a garage sale or shelves from a swap meet.  Because it’s hard to find apartments with tons of extra space, you’re almost forced to reduce the amount of stuff you buy. From towels and clothes to knick knacks and unnecessary purchases; apartment living is all about only bringing home what you really need. Less waste means more money and a happier planet.