5 Reasons Why Living in an Apartment is More Environmentally Friendly Than Living in a House

When you’re looking for apartments for rent you may not realize that you are making an environmentally-friendly choice, but you are. While there are plenty of things you can do to help the environment when you live in a home, apartments can easily be a more eco-friendly choice. When you’re considering different rental properties, think about the different benefits to living in an apartment.

Smaller footprint

Most often an apartment is smaller than a house and more people live in a smaller space. This means an overall smaller footprint and less strain on the environment. Many apartments have multiple stories and quite a few people can reside comfortably and take up the same amount of land as a single family home with only a couple people living there.

Less energy consumption

If the apartment is smaller, it will use less energy than a home for heating, cooling, electricity, etc. Apartment units may also benefit from less exterior walls which may make it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Not only does this mean lower utility bills, but it also means that less of our precious, non-renewable resources are used.

Living in an Apartment is More Environmentally Friendly

Shared utilities and services

Apartments for rent also offer the ability to share utilities and services more so than if you’re in a home. For example, the trash pickup comes to one spot for a large number of people, rather than going from house to house. Outside lighting and wiring is also shared as well as landscaping and water heating. When more people are able to use the same utility, there is more overall efficiency.

Taking advantage of free eco-friendly options

Depending on your budget, you may not be able to make as many environmentally-friendly choices if you rented or purchased a home. Every dollar spent making these changes would come out of your pocket. However, in an apartment complex the expenses are shared and sometimes they are paid for by the landlord. For example, your landlord may install low flow toilets and energy efficient light bulbs in all of the units. You will likely be able to take advantage of recycling facilities and maybe even energy efficient appliances. Some rental properties are more environmentally friendly than others, but no matter where you are, you will probably benefit from sustainable living choices made by the property owner.

Eco-friendly commuting

Those who live in an apartment are more likely to live close to where they go to school or work. Most apartments for rent are in cities or close by places like stores, schools and business areas. This means residents can ride a bike, walk or take public transportation rather than constantly jumping in a car.