15 Ways to Clear Clutter

If you want to be more productive you have to be organized and learn to implement 15 ways to clear clutter. It would take time and patience to develop this new habit, but with a little effort you can do this. Once you have implemented this you would realize what a fool you had been when you were disorganized earlier.

1. Organize office space

The first thing that you do when you visit your office is to clear your office table and place the things on the floor. Take your time and remove things that you do not require in your work desk.

2. Categorize things

Bring things out from the drawers and categorize each thing properly. The things that you use on a daily basis should be kept on your table or in the top drawer of a cabinet. The other things should be stored in an organized manner. You can also use Dymo Labels to label each drawer with the things that are in it. This would help you to save time and access them faster when you need them.

3. Clear the walls

Before adding the drawer with its contents, clean the walls of the drawer with a clean napkin. You would be surprised at the dust that you would be taking out.

4. Use technology

If you use a lot of paper files in your office, it would be a good idea to convert them into e files. Otherwise, you can have arranged the file system in the cabinet alphabetically.

5. Bring in some cabinets

A basic tendency is to store everything on the desk space. Here you should immediately sort out the components and store them in their designated space after a day.

6. Digital space

Cultivate a habit of storing data in digital space. The data stored is more secure and does not eat up the space in your office. You can also access it immediately.

7. Clear clutter

When we talk about clearing clutter, it doesn’t only mean bringing order to your home but also means that we manage the waste responsibly and effectively to keep the neighbourhood environment clean. Concentrating on the clutter corners, organizing bins for clutter and choosing the right skip hire are some of the best responsible ways to manage waste and keep the environment clean together with your home.

Ways to Clear Clutter

8. Clothes cabinets

At home take a good look at your clothe cabinets and remove clothes which are there for ages.

9. Divide and arrange

Organize the clothes that you wear as per seasonal requirements and divide the clothes into office and home clothes.

10. Simplify chores

Your dressing table is full of things and you never seem to get the right lipstick shade each morning. Here you need to organize and simplify things.

11. Use unused space

When removing clutter from your rooms at home, remember that space is essential and try storing most of the things that you need in the attic. Things of daily use can be left behind.

12. Throw away any junk

When cleaning drawers do not keep a separate drawer for your junk items. You can transport them in a box and this can be stored in the attic.

13. Identify items that are not used regularly

Organize your waste management well and do away with things that you haven’t used for the last six months or a year because may be you won’t need them at all.

14. Assign a special space for pet clothes and accessories

If you have a pet, keep essential things of a pet in a cabinet where they can be accessed.

15. Pass on

Once you have learnt the 15 ways to clear clutterteach them to your kids and other family members so that they too will arrange their things properly and help in keeping the clean and clear of any clutter.