Tiny House Furniture

People living in small houses have limited areas of space to install big furniture sets. So for achieving improved and refreshed look to their interiors, they can rely on tiny sets of furniture. These furniture sets occupy very less space and are known for remarkable designs. Some of these include:


  • Folding dining table: Folding dining tableThese tables are known for their unique and intricate designs and can easily fit into any small sized apartment. It can be used on a daily basis for serving dinner to your family members. During any special occasion, this table can be easily extended for providing seating arrangement to the invitees. After that you can again reduce its size.
  • Box combining lounge, bed and chair: Box combining lounge bed chair If you want to spend additional money on your chair and lounge, then this special folding wooden box is ideal for the small sized rooms of your house. You can use it in variety of ways like a bed, lounge or chair depending on the situation. Make sure that you are following the prescribed guidelines while unfolding this box furniture.
  • Hidden floor tub with latch door: Hidden floor tub with latch doorFor installing bath tub without drawing the attention of the visitors this design is quite ideal. The bath tub needs to be merged completely inside the wooden floor with a secret trapdoor. Using this concept, underground cellars are made to preserve wine bottles secretly.
  • Army Knife Swiss Kitchen: Army Knife Swiss Kitchen This is a new type of kitchen which can be unfolded into several cabinets for various purposes like washing, cutting and cooking food. Then again you can wrap it up for reducing kitchen space.
  • Paper Chair: Paper ChairThe main benefit of such chairs is that they can be stretched to a sufficient extent for providing sitting accommodation for up to 12 people.