10 Expert Sofa Tips

The 10 expert sofa tips are very essential in the proper interior decoration of the house. Sofas are something which every person keeps in their homes, but they need to buy the best one so that it goes well with their interior designing of the room.

1. Dimensions

The sofa with the perfect dimension must be chosen which 4 inches is by depth, 36 inches high, 60 inches long and 10 inches seat height. The square arm sofa is the best in the modern world.

2. Length

It is a common notion that most people would want a sofa which I at least 90 inches long so that they take a nap in the sofa. This is a great idea, but the length must be selected as per the size of the room.

3. Test before buying

Before buying a sofa you must test it out in your home. You can do this by cutting a brown paper in the size of the sofa which you have selected and then place it in the location you want and then see how it looks and is the room feeling clumsy or not.

Expert Sofa Tips

4. Sectionals

Loose cushions must be avoided and the back of the sofa must be made tight enough. The back must also be kept fairly low for comfort. It is recommended to keep the back at 32 inches as it makes the sectional feel a bit less imposing.

5. Colors must be matched

Before buying the sofa you must select the appropriate color of the sofa. The color of the sofa must be same as that of the walls or curtains. You must not choose a sofa which has a very different color from the walls or curtains as it would not look good.

6. Seat cushions

It is recommended to use 3 seat cushions so that 3 people can sit comfortably on the sofa. If you use 2 seat cushions, then 3 people cannot seat. The number of seat cushions also varies as per the length of the sofa. For a sofa whose length is 7 inches or more, three seat cushions must be used and if it is 6 inches or less then you must use a single seat cushion.

7. Ceiling proportions

If your ceiling is not very high you must use a low sofa as it would create an impression that the ceiling is higher. But in the houses with high ceiling you must use a high-back sofa so that it can have a weighty presence in the room.

8. Pattern

In case of sofas you must never select trendy colors or bid patterns as it won’t look good. To add a touch of elegance the single black sofa with leather pattern is the best. In fact you can buy pillows of trendy patterns to punch hot and splashy look in the room.

9. Sturdy material

The sofa that you are selecting must be strong and sturdy. One of the front legs must be lifted up to 5 to 7 inches and the other leg must also be lifted. If it is touching the ground, then the sofa is not built well.

10. Online shopping

Buying sofas online is a great idea, but you must have a look at the dimensions of the sofa and all other factors such as color and pattern. So these are 10 expert sofa tips that not only help you in buying a right one for your home but they also ensure that they are well-maintained for quite a long time.