17 Modern Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Bookshelves are mainly intended to keep the books organized. Don’t think that they are simply the bookshelves because without them your home will be filled with piles of reading material. There are several ways to decorate the bookshelf that resembles modern look. Modern bookshelf decorating ideas can make them functional as well as good looking.

Here are few modern bookshelf decorating ideas:

Modern Bookshelf designs

While you are planning the display, first you need to consider the purpose of the shelf. Is it only for placing large number of books or is it also used to place some home decoration pieces? These modern bookshelf decorating ideas will definitely give you some idea.

Modern Bookshelf designs

  1. Balance all the books with the decorative pieces.
  2. Try to create the symmetry while placing the books.
  3. While arranging the books, don’t make the shelves full of books instead try to leave some empty spaces for well organized look.
  4. Create interest with leaning books.
  5. Use different stacking methods to bring variety. Keep same colored books in one shelf so that you can create the symmetry to the bookshelf and also bring life to it.
  6. Try to employ the restricted color palette.
  7. If you want to cover the books and then place into the bookshelf, try to use uniform color paper that can match with your bookcase.
  8. Arranging the books by color can bring life to the bookcase.
  9. Try to bring a gradient effect.
  10. Use the books as decorative pops of color.
  11. Use boxes to hide the clutter in the bookcase.
  12. If you want to display the decorative items, make sure that they match well with the color of the books. Also don’t make the shelf too much by adding more books and decorative pieces.
  13. Use art to bring a sense of depth.
  14. You can also consider painting the back wall of the bookcase. Make sure that the paint matches with the rest of the decorations as well as wall paintings.
  15.  Instead of painting the back space of the bookshelf, you can consider painting the sides, top, bottom, and the edges. Use different color effects to bring the creativity.
  16. You can try sticking different patterns of wall papers at the back of the bookshelf. You can use geometric shapes or any other patterns. Consider using the wallpaper that adds metallic details.
  17. Using architecturally interesting bookcases is one of the most modern bookshelf decorating ideas. Choose a bookcase that resembles a work of art.