DIY Furniture for Small Spaces and Tight Places

Even if you’ve never had the problem yourself you probably know someone who has — big sofa or sleeper vs. narrow door or stairway. And everybody knows how hard it is to find sofas that fit in small rooms.

Sometimes you can find a sofa that is a few inches shorter than normal, but today’s downsized rooms often require furniture that is smaller in depth as well. Finding furniture that is shorter and narrower, while still remaining comfortable can be nearly impossible.

Furniture industry consultants have been counseling manufacturers to downsize their furniture for nearly 50 years. For upholstered furniture manufacturers that is not a simple process. Although it is relatively easy to shrink an 88″ long sofa to 78″, it is not as simple to reduce a sofa’s depth. Decreasing the depth completely changes the dynamics of the seating comfort. Everything has to change including the pitch of the back, the angle of the seat deck, the depth of the back cushion and the height of the seat cushion. Few companies are willing to go through so many changes from their standard product specifications.

Megan with Box T-cushions in Satchi Ivory

Simplicity Sofas is a High Point, NC furniture manufacturer that is actually taking a common sense approach to the problem of designing furniture for small spaces and tight places. The company has developed a line of high quality DIY sofas, sleepers and sectionals that fit into small rooms and through narrow doors and stairways where normal furniture cannot go. The company sells direct to consumers through its e-commerce website

Simplicity Sofas’ unique furniture products include design innovations that directly address the problem of finding “Furniture that Fits” for small spaces and tight places. The company specializes in hard-to-find small and mid-size sofas, sleepers and sectionals that are smaller in both length and depth, and scaled to fit in small rooms, apartments, RVs and boats.

Simplicity Sofas also makes large, medium and small sofas and sleepers that easily fit through even the narrowest doors, halls and stairways. The secret is the patented DIY quick-assembly system which allows a sofa to be assembled in only a few minutes without any tools. The company’s website shows a video of a Simplicity sofa being assembled in less than 4 minutes (without rushing) — by an 8 year old boy. Before assembly even the largest Simplicity sofas easily fit through 15 inch wide entranceways, less than half the width of a standard size doorway.