Best Italian Furniture Design Ideas

The Italian furniture offers a classic touch to the ambience of home. The Italian furniture excels over the others due to the craftsmanship that goes into designing them. The best Italian furniture design ideas are characterized by unique styling and unique designs. Listed below are the four major kinds in which the Italian furniture is available.

1. Baroque Style

The first is the Baroque style which is the most ancient furniture in Western Europe. In fact, it is the predecessor of all other furniture designs of that region. This furniture type was especially characterized by mouldings whereby the Roman Catholic Church characterized the carving of the furniture. The most typical of the carvings were those with S shapes and C shapes. Moreover, the figures of human beings became one of the specialising features in the Baroque furniture. The most important highlights of the Baroque architectural design include contrasting colors, homogeneity in design, and symmetrical shape.

Baroque Style

2. Renaissance Style

The second is the Renaissance style of furniture which consists of reflecting the designs that are made on the Roman sarcophagi. In such type, the walnut wood was used for the frame and the body, while leather was used in making seats. Drawers, chests, cabinets, and folding chairs were constructed in the style. Rather than conventional legs the chairs rested on the panels.

Renaissance Style

3. Rococo Style

The third kind is the Rococo style that may be said to be an offshoot of the Baroque style. However, this kind of furniture makes use of dark wood colors like that of rosewood and fruitwood. The details and the carvings are very delicate and intricate. The furniture consists of small ornamental units that are in curved shapes.

Rococo Style

4. Venetian Style

The more contemporary and modern design of Italian furniture is the Venetian style. The design came into existence during the nineteenth century as the country had then broken up into a number of states. There is both ornamentation and simplicity in the design and therefore has often been considered by the Italian home decorators as one of the best Italian furniture design ideas. Walnut wood as well as Grand Olive is used for making the intricate uppers and the comparatively simple legs. The furniture is usually painted black when finished, while the handles are painted in pearl or silver colors.

Venetian Style

It can be noted that the traits in the contemporary designs of Italian furniture are softer than those in the older ones. The designs make use of satin, nickel, steel, and leather. The contemporary furniture pieces are also textured.

The above forms of Italian furniture are still used and are renowned all over the globe. Using these best Italian furniture design ideas at your place could certainly give an elite look to the furniture which might choose to have. Lastly, it’s always recommended to borrow these ideas and get it implemented by the experts as it does require excellent craftsmanship.