Improve Overall Health And Well-being With The Right Mattress

We know there are many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, and good mattresses can be a huge help to provide comfort and support to help us get there. People who suffer from extreme lack of sleep can suffer from serious health issues over time. If someone is deprived of sleep in a previous day, their body will demand they make up that time eventually, otherwise their function will be impaired. Sleep plays a pivotal role in both our mental and physical well being.

Health Issues Associated with Lack of Sleep

We are likely to suffer with memory problems, irritability, difficulty concentrating and retaining information, a weakened immune system, our hormone balance is affected, which can impact on our appetite, subsequently gaining or losing weight.

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Other Hazards Associated with Lack of Sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation can be very dangerous; performing hand-eye tasks may worsen, making driving more hazardous. According to government research driver fatigue may be a factor in up to 10 per cent of road accidents. People suffering from fatigue, who drink alcohol, will find the effects on the body much more magnified than those who are well rested. Shift workers, long distance drivers and working irregular hours all contribute to sleep loss. Employers see the effects in increased absenteeism and lost productivity.

Health Benefits of Sleeping Well

A good night’s sleep can reduce our level of stress, helping us feel more relaxed, improving our mood, and making us better able to cope with the days pressures. Reducing our stress levels is good for the heart, which in turn helps to keep our blood pressure low and cholesterol levels healthy. The benefits of this is that we are more productive and alert, and our energy levels increase. Whilst we are asleep both our mind and body will repair itself, sleep is often the best medicine when we are feeling ill.

Ways to get a Good Night’s Sleep

You get what you pay for with mattresses, so invest in one that gives you the most restful night’s sleep, it can have a huge impact. The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 18 degrees centigrade; try to make sure it is not stuffy by opening a window before going to bed. Eating a balanced diet and taking 20 minutes exercise, three times a week, can also have a noticeable benefit on the quality of sleep we have.