Complete Information About Exterior Roofing for Your Dream Home

Exterior roofing can be roughly termed as the primary support of your house to keep it strong and durable over time. It gives support to your original roof and prevents it from extreme weather conditions such as rain, storm, dust, sunlight etc. that overburden your roof for years. It also works as an added décor to your home and carries the proof of the classy and trendy taste of the home owner.

Exterior RoofingSome common qualities of good exterior roofingare that it should look aesthetic and beautiful; it should be very cost-efficient and should be best fitting to your budget. It should also be very durable to give you service over the years to come and should be easy installable. You should also never ignore the warranty time of your roof while choosing it. Whether you are installing it or replacing it, remember to keep in mind all the above factors which are the basics of your external roofing.

Types of exterior roofing

It is obvious that different kind of external roofing is required for different kinds of roofs. Some of the common types are:

Mansard Roofing

This type of roofing consists of four slopes. It is a French style roofing which allows additional storage at the top of the house.

Gambrel Roofing

Very much similar to the Mansard type of roof, it includes gable ends that are vertical and this type of roof hangs a little over the façade of your home. This roofing style is inspired by the Dutch.

Saltbox Roofing

This is a very popular roofing type. This roof style is asymmetrical and long pitched.

Pyramid Roofing

You may as well guess the roof with its name. Yes! This roof is shaped as a pyramid and is one of the most commonly-seen roofing styles. This type of roofing is used in small portions like garage or pool houses.

Hip Roofing

This is very similar to pyramid roof and the only difference between the two styles is that the four sides of the roof meet at a ridge rather than a point.

Bonnet Roofing

This is similar to hip roof and pyramid roof but it is generally used to cover a veranda or lawn than to cover the rooms.

Flat Roofing

This kind of roofing is very easy to erect as the name suggests. The roof is flat and is very easily constructible but requires more maintenance when compared to the other roofing styles.

Cross Gabled Roofing

These kinds of roofs usually depict a triangle when seen from the front. This gabled roof is ideal for homes with extra space and it also restores a lots of storage space.

Exterior roofing is a very important and unavoidable part of constructing your home as it keeps your roof and your home protected. So choose the roofing according to the structure and pattern of your home.