Exterior Paint Trends for 2014

In 2014, it is being expected that the home color trend for the exteriors are going to go back to the very basics. The year 2014 is being expected to gauge on a lot of cream and white exteriors, red brick that looks lovely and desert stucco. Many builders are of the view that the simple paint trends of the past will be very successful in making their way back this year with very few cookie-cutter houses and more simplistic and individual styles. The paint trends in the year 2014 are being expected to stay true to the architectural location and style of the house. Some of the most common exterior paint trends for 2014 have been enumerated below.

Seaside harmony

This paint trend of 2014 is considered to be tranquil and is inspired by several colors found on the coastline such as beach sand that is warn white, greens in sea glass and soft blues and peaches of ocean sky during sunset. This style is a blend of streamlined casual and modern elements that are found to be softened with waxed woods, cotton knits and tarnished metals. The main color of the wall is aqua blue with sky blue being used in the windows and the doors. This color is considered to be a color that is very breezy, inviting and relaxed.

Exterior Paint Trends for 2014

Urban alternative

Urban alternative is a paint trend that incorporates oxidized contemporary and metal furnishings and reclaimed woods. This paint trend provides a very industrial look to a house and is found to be inspired from home crafts. The colors used in this type of paint trend are weathered and earthbound. The colors are mainly dark olive, orange, chalky browns and unfiltered whites. The result is generally a palette that is found to be both functional and flexible.

Grand reign

Nowadays people are found to be greatly interested in historic designs of the 19th and the 20th century and it is only because of this reason that the grand reign paint trend has come into being in the year 2014. This paint trend includes the use of color tones in topaz, ruby, tourmaline and sapphire giving the house a very dramatic and romantic look. The colors that are mostly used in this type of paint trend are jewel tones and lustrous stone colors and even burgundy.

Natural avocation

Natural avocation paint trend in the year 2014 is found to be driven by science that is inspired from geological wonders and celestial events. This trend includes the use of the glittering heavenly colors that are very bright like those of the planets, birds, stars and the insects. As the name suggests, the color trend is derived from nature and is considered to be very natural.

Velvet brown

Velvet brown is considered to be the most famous of all the exterior paint trends for 2014 because velvet is holding the grip this year and most people are looking forward to using velvety colors on the exteriors of their house.