5 Reasons to Use Metal Cladding on Your Home’s Exterior

Metal cladding is an excellent way to improve and revitalise home exteriors both new and old. As it continues to grow in popularity as an effective form of cladding, more and more benefits come to light. From cost through to color, here are just a few of the key advantages to metal cladding…

1 – Aesthetics

First things first, a metal clad home, when done properly, looks good. Old homes in particular can look worn and tired, with bits of masonry missing and faded brickwork. But metal cladding can eliminate this problem by providing a fresh and stylish makeover. The cladding is also available in an almost unending range of colors, meaning it is fully customisable and can be as unique or as generic as you wish. Whether you want to make a bold statement with a striking color, or wish to blend seamlessly into your home’s surroundings, metal cladding can be customised fully to match your needs. Metal Cladding on Your Home’s Exterior

2 – Environmentally friendly

As the conscious of the world grows about the state of our planet and the marks we all leave on it, many people consider the effects of their actions on the environment. As home exterior renovations go, metal cladding is up there with the most environmentally friendly options. The metal is a recyclable material, so while more traditional home exterior materials are consigned to landfill sites after use, metal cladding can be used again and again.

3 – Lifespan

Metal cladding is a versatile and robust material, and that gives it a sense of permanence when it comes to home exteriors. It is not uncommon for such cladding to last upwards of 50 years, so it really does pay to have a metal cladding.

4 – Cost efficient

As well as its long lifespan that provides great value for money, metal cladding is relatively cheap to install. In addition, it requires very little upkeep and maintenance, meaning that you save money on costly repairs. Regular inspections of the cladding can help to identify any particular problems, and most small issues can be remedied yourself. Another positive in terms of cost is that metal cladding is very good in keeping your home warm or cool. For this reason, it helps to reduce costs from energy bills.

5 – Ease of upkeep

Metal cladding is very easy to maintain. Provided you inspect it regularly, any small problems can be easily remedied yourself, which not only avoids costly repair work but also reduces the risk of major structural damage occurring. Metal cladding usually comes with protective layers to prevent damage from the elements, meaning you won’t have to worry about repairs on a regular basis. And unlike brickwork, metal is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about laborious cleaning jobs. If you’re looking to build a new home from scratch or to update an existing property, metal cladding is a sure-fire way to save money, time and effort. Metal cladding is a modern way to protect and improve any home exterior.