Plant and Site Equipment: Buy or Hire?

Work in certain industries requires specialised equipment. When you are setting up a work site, you may be wondering if it’s better to buy or hire the equipment. There are several things to consider, including what type of equipment you need and the number of machines. Each job and worksite is unique, which is one of the benefits to choosing to hire equipment. You can customise the type and number of machines for each site without investing a large amount of cash in equipment you might not always need. There are other possible situations where buying is a better choice than hiring. In general, you should seek to make the decision that works best for each situation.

Advantages of Hiring Site Equipment

There are many benefits to choosing to hire your equipment. Some companies, such as MTS Plant Hire & Sales, offer a great many plant hire equipment choices. Hire companies are able to maintain large fleets of the most modern vehicles and equipment. This means that you can hire advanced equipment and keep up to date with the latest technology without needing to buy every new model when it’s manufactured. Hiring may also be economically beneficial when you find a company with competitive hire rates.

Plant and Site Equipment

A good hire company should have many years of experience in the industry, which means you can trust them to understand your needs and make recommendations that will be best for you. Additionally, a reliable company should deliver the equipment, and may have multiple depots in several locations to ensure fast delivery times. A reliable company should maintain the fleet of vehicles and equipment regularly and use genuine manufacturer parts for any repairs or upgrades.

You may be able to find a variety of plant hire equipment. Anything from snow clearing machines to dumpsters and specialised utility vehicles may be available. When you are considering a hire company, it’s good to choose one with numerous options so you can find the equipment you need for any project. You may even find a company that specialises in a specific brand such as Bobcat.

Advantages of Buying Equipment

While there are advantages to hiring, there may be some situations where buying is a better option. MTS Plant Hire & Sales is a reliable company providing many different equipment options for sale. Some vehicles, such as a skid steer or mini excavator, may be good choices for purchase, since they are commonly used in many different projects and sites. If you anticipate using a specific type of machine often, it may make more financial sense to buy rather than hire.

Some companies offer pre-owned equipment as well as new choices. This can be a great benefit, as it allows you to purchase a high-quality machine for less than the cost of a brand new one. It’s an added bonus if you find a company that also offers a range of attachments so you can customise your equipment to the exact specification you need. Additionally, some companies also offer repair services. Knowing where to take your vehicle when you need repair can be a great benefit, especially since you will have already built a working relationship with the company.