Steps for Making Natural Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergent is a crucial item which you need around the house in order to wash your garments perfectly every day. While laundry detergents are available in plenty in the super market, they contain harmful substances which can spoil your clothes rather than clean them well. The use of natural laundry detergents for regular cleaning activities in the home is a better idea. If you want to know how to make green laundry detergents at home so as to clean your clothes in the best possible way, there are a number of steps which you need to take which are mentioned here.

Buy essential ingredients from market

In order to make natural laundry detergents, the first and most important step which you need to take is to buy certain essential ingredients from the market. These include Borax, washing soda and a solution or soap bar that is known as Fels-Naphta. Such items can be bought from any super market in your locality or online as well. You need to buy them in sufficient quantity and you also need to make sure that these are first-hand products at the time of the purchase. This is very important.

Natural Laundry Detergents

Process the soap bar

The second step which you need to take for making natural laundry detergents at home is to grind the soap bar of Fels-Naphta in your food processor. You need to make sure that the soap bar has been grinded and processed completely before taking it out once again. You also need to make it a point to clean your food processor well before doing this, and also after the processing is complete. Unless the soap bar has been completely processed the mixture will not be thick enough for you to engage in cleaning activities with it. Average time taken for processing is about five to ten minutes.

Mix processed soap bar with washing soda and add Borax

The third step which you need to take in making natural laundry soap is to mix the Fels-Naphta and the washing soda together in one air tight container. Mixing should be done for ten to fifteen minutes at least in order to reap the best results for this. Thereafter you need to add the Borax to this solution and continue to mix long and hard. Finally, you need to place one tablespoon measure in this air tight container and store your natural laundry detergents in a dry and cool place. You should not use more than one scoop for large loads of laundry.

Making natural laundry detergents is not a complicated process in the least. It is something that you can achieve by following some quick and easy steps. The use of natural detergent for laundering activities is now in vogue. Most of the people in the developed countries of the world seldom make use of detergent soap any more for laundering. Natural laundry products are however, not long lasting in value. You need to make it every three days or so, for regular use.