Some of the Important Steps to a Greener Office

Steps to a greener office can be taken without spending a lot of money for the cause. In fact, these steps can reduce the overall expenditure of the enterprise in the long run. Listed below are some of the ideas that would help in transforming the office into a greener place.

Buy Eco-friendly Products

Buy furniture, flooring, electrical, electronics, instruments, etc. that are eco-friendly in nature. Making the choice of all eco-friendly products could be the most significant among the steps to a greener office. The best part is that eco-friendly supplies are not friendly with just the environment but also to the people and productivity of the enterprise. The average annual cost or overheads of the enterprise reduces significantly by the installation of eco-friendly equipment and adoption of eco-friendly habits.

Greener Office

Choose Eco-friendly Services

Cleaning and repair services are regularly required in any office. Thus, business firms can ensure that they hire only those service-providers who support or encourage the cause of environment preservation.

Eco-friendly Transportation

Instead of private cars, buses or MUVs should be used for transportation of employees to and from the office. Bosses may have to take the first step to encourage their employees. Smaller firms that do not facilitate transportation can encourage the use of public transportation or bicycles or even car pools. These steps would not only reduce emission but improve employees’ interactivity and health, which directly influences the productivity of the enterprise.

Energy Optimization

Technology has advanced enough to offer various and significant energy optimization options. Almost all the electronic equipment has power-saver mode. Employees and their supervisors only need to be alert of implementation of such power-saving techniques. Switching off appliances that are not in use can reduce tremendous amount of electricity bill annually. Large enterprises can install solar panels and water-purification plants to harvest solar energy and rain-water respectively. Besides, tree-plantation within the premises regulates the air and reduces dependence on Air Conditioners. Installing a flow meter for the building can help a company monitor and regulate their water consumption.


Teas and coffees are served regularly at any office premises. Use of mugs or cups instead of paper-cups is one simple and effective step to reduce the number of trees that are cut to produce paper. The step can significantly influence environment, even if taken by small offices.

Use Recycled Paper

Office work cannot be completed without use of paper. However, trees can be saved from getting cut by using recycled paper for all office work. Moreover, workers can be trained and encouraged to use digital technology to the maximum extent. This would not only save trees but also save those resources that are required for the transformation of wood into paper.


Waste is bound to be produced whether it is home or office. Therefore, both large and small companies can facilitate two separate bins for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable waste. Since business enterprises are usually more resourceful than family-homes, distinguished disposition of waste can be achieved more effectively.