Top 5 Green Building Materials That Benefit People and Environment

The growing impact of human innovation on the natural environment has led to various initiatives towards conservation of nature. The production of eco-friendly goods is one of them. Building homes with eco-friendly products could bring significant change to the environment. The top 5 green building materials have been listed hereunder for concerned users.

1. Bamboo

Various furnishing requirement for interiors as well as exteriors can be met with Bamboos. Bamboos are one of the most versatile natural resources. Due to the high ratio of strength to weight, bamboos are useful for building interior furniture as well as solid exterior structures. Bamboos are easily renewable resource because they grow faster than any other grass on Earth. Also, since they are biodegradable, their use is completely safe. Moreover, Bamboos release more oxygen than hardwood trees and prevent soil erosion like any other plant. Indeed, bamboo is one of top 5 green building materials.

bamboo building material

2. Composite Deck

Replacement of standard deck with much eco-friendly composite deck in the garden is a real possibility nowadays. Composite decks are entirely or chiefly made of recycled and reclaimed materials. Due to lack of requirement of fresh timber, the trees in the forests stand much safer than they do otherwise. Besides, composite decks are made to resist moulds and stains so that chemical cleaners are not required. Thus, their maintenance is inexpensive but their look is as good as new ones.

composite deck building materials

3. Eco-friendly Paint

Interior and exterior paint are what people and other living creatures come into direct contact with. Thus, they ought to be safe for both humans and environment. Paints that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are hazardous to the Ozone layer of atmosphere while those with significantly low concentration of VOCs are safe. They are not smelly and improve the quality of air. Thus, such paints are too part of the top 5 green building materials.

Eco-friendly Paint

4. Reclaimed Wood

Nothing can replace the beauty of wood in furniture. Therefore, use of reclaimed timber is the best technique to get that unmatched beauty for furniture without significant disturbance to forest ecosystems. Reclaimed lumber is obtained from wooden structures and goods that are disposed. They are processed and reproduced with same strength as that of fresh wood. The process usually requires certain percentage of fresh wood. Thus, less number of trees has to be cut and all wood on this Earth can be used to its full potential.

reclaimed wood furniture

5. Recycled Glass

Since decorative pieces made of glass are often considered the best, choice of recycled glass is bound to make eco-friendly impact to the environment. Scraps of domestic and industrial  glass is recycled into various other products, such as kitchen counter tops, drinking glasses, decorative pieces and several other useful goods. In fact, recycled glass provides maximum variety of products than any other recycled material.

Recycled Glass