Simple Ways to Going Green at Home

The need for sustainable homes has become significant over the past few decades mainly due to the major resource consumption and also because of the increasing contamination that today’s buildings are generating. Going green is not only good for our homes and the Earth but also good for our wallets. While having the potential to minimize the negative impact on the environment, green buildings also offer some health related benefits to the occupants through better design, construction and maintenance. Many of us have either thought of or have already adopted some of the ways to go green. It is an attempt to minimize each person’s impact on the world.

Whether you are looking for savings on your energy bills and water consumption, or want to spend less on your household goods, you can save a lot and also go eco-friendly at the same time with some of these green tips for your home.

The first important thing to consider for going green at home is using the three ‘R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle. This not only helps you in having a good start but also to determine what to do in the first instance.

Ways to Going Green at Home

Reduce – To start with, reduce your belongings by buying only those items that you actually need and use. This will help you to cut down on clutter, simplifies your life and also saves a lot of money.

Re-use – Trying to reuse some of the items past their prime is also another factor which you may want to consider if you are looking to going green at your home. Even if you do not need it anymore, consider either donating it or giving it to someone who may need it. You can also post it on sites such as Freecycle or Craig’s List which is also a good option.

Recycle – If you have somehow missed sticking to the first two options, this is the last one that comes to your rescue. And will also help you make some quick bucks. No matter how hard we try, we always do not success in keeping some things away from coming into our homes, and moreover we cannot re-use them after some time. Recycling is the better option to consider at this time and it will also help you make some quick bucks.

Upgrade to Eco

Upgrade to Eco at Home

Earlier, most of the homes were designed and built by architect-builders who understood very well the entire designing, building and the lifetime process of a home. They adapted passive solar design techniques to collect and distribute the solar energy inside the homes which in turn helped the occupants to heat their homes in winters and cool in simmers. The buildings were also site sensitive and made maximum use of the available local materials. Even today, upgrading our homes to go green can be done in several ways.

Using energy efficient replacement windows will reduce the cooling and heating bills while also helping you lower the greenhouse gas emissions.

Water-saving plumbing fixtures are another option to consider if you are looking to go green as they have the potential to save water, money and energy. They also protect the vital water supplies of your community.

Professional plumbers can assist you in this area, leaking taps is one major problem hinder your green ways at home, for more information, visit:

The laundry room is another place in your home where you can save a lot of money. Making your own eco-friendly detergent instead of buying costly products that contain harsh chemicals will lead to major savings. Wash all your clothes with cold water to save money and energy that is utilized by heating the water. However, bed sheets and similar furnishings should be washed with warm or hot water to kill the dust mites. Look out for the Energy Star label while buying a washing machine and hang the washed clothes outside in the sun to dry instead of using the dryer.

Clean Green

reusable microfiber clothes

Buying reusable microfiber clothes for dusting and cleaning the home and kitchen is less expensive compared to the disposable cleaning products. As for cleaners, using baking soda and white vinegar is the better option. They are great for scrubbing and using vinegar has more benefits as it works as a disinfectant and odor remover.

These are only some of the ways of going green at your home and there are a plethora of such ideas and tips available on the Internet if you really want to adopt eco-friendly options for living a better life.