Green Home Improvements

By on June 27, 2013

Between work, taking care of children, cooking dinner, and running around all day every day, it is easy to lose sight of the important things in life, like the environment which we need in order to do all of these things.  However, all it takes is a few home modifications to make a positive step toward a healthy environment.   Are you ready to make a change?

Water Conservation

Most people do not even think twice when using the faucet, causing an excessive amount of water to be wasted.  Do you keep the sink running while brushing your teeth? Try turning it off until it’s time to rinse.  You’d be surprised how much water you can save.  There are also low flow shower and faucet heads you might want to consider.  Big or small, each modification is one step toward an improved home.

Water Conservation


If someone told you that you could purchase a light bulb that lasts up to ten times longer, uses 85% less energy, and generates 90% less heat than your typical standard light bulb would you do it? Next time you are shopping, look for compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.  Although they might be more expensive, you will make up for the money spent in the long run when they do not burn out as quickly.

led lighting for the home, led lighting

Green Roofing

If you have a smaller, one family house, this is definitely an option you want to explore.  By replacing the shingles on your roof with soil and plants, you not only create oxygen, but also rid of harmful CO2 chemicals that may cause harm to you or your family.

Green Roofing


Even the simplest things, like the type of paint you use to repaint your deck, doors, or anything else on the exterior of your house could make a difference.  When choosing a color, you should also be considering an environment safe lead-free paint which could be found at your local home improvement store.  Bet you never even thought of that!



Upfront, energy efficient appliances might be pricier.  However, if you look at the money you save in the long run on your utility bills, you might ask yourself why you did not purchase them earlier.  If you retire your standard refrigerator and invest in an energy efficient one, you can save approximately $150 per year.  Now think of how much you would save if you switched your freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, and drier to energy efficient appliances.  It’s a win-win situation for you and your environment.

These are all simple adjustments to make throughout your home that could go a long way.   Not only are you saving money for yourself, but you are paving the road to a happy and healthy environment.  So what are you waiting for?

Brittney Marino is a writer for Total Mortgage Services.  For updates on today’s current Mortgage Rates, be sure to check our rates page.

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