Follow Green Home Ideas While Building a Home

Green home ideas have become much popular ever since the idea of going green has become the slogan among the population of the world. Many people are resorting to finding new ways to build a green home that involves right from choosing the materials as it would save a lot on the energy and power bills and also its maintenance.

There are a lot of energy saving measures that would save a lot of money for you and also let you have a very less building cost. There are also other green home ideas that make you to connect with Mother Nature and also safeguard her interest in the process of building a home.

Green home ideasSolar power usage is one of the green home ideas

When it comes to heating the homes during winter and also having a continuous supply of hot water then opting for the eco friendly home appliances with energy efficient feature is a great one among green home ideas. With the energy bills on a constant rise, it is essential to plan the orientation of the building, placements of the window, flooring, roof overhangs, reflective barriers and other such techniques to make use of natural solar energy. This will help you to retain the solar energy that is a renewable form of energy that would enable you to save a lot on energy bills.

Make sure that the AC ducts are located in the attic as it would help it to absorb the solar energy. This will ensure that mold formation is prevented during winter in the wooden works in your homes. Also ensure that there is a huge system installed in your home as it will make your room to cool immediately while opting for the one with a small system will take more time to cool down and also maintain the AC temperature becomes very tough throughout the day or night. You should also ensure that the filters are installed in your AC as it has the capability to keep off the small moulds and spores from reaching you.

Essential tips for green home ideas

  • Use stone flooring or walls in your homes as it has the ability to capture the solar energy during the daytime and slowly release it during the evening.
  • While roofing, install the solar panels simultaneously for power and hot water. You might also get a subsidy from your government.
  • Opt for light colored roofs as they help to reflect the solar energy more.
  • Install low inflow windows and high outflow windows to inlet the hot air freely.
  • Use a thermal chimney as it makes use of a hot zone.
  • Use double glass panes in your rooms as it offers a clear insulation of air circulation and reduces the heat.
  • Glass with metal oxide coating helps to keep the heat of the Sun away and the interior heat intact.
  • Insulate the interior and exterior walls of the attic as it would regulate the interior temperature of your home.
  • Installing heat pumps near furnaces would help a lot to reduce the heat and also to remove the indoor heat.