8 Plants That Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality

As read in our school, plants have the characteristic feature of removing carbon dioxide from air. However, a few of them go the extra distant and come with the ability of removing different kinds of toxic chemicals which include the likes of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc.

As per a recently concluded study named NASA’s Clean Air Study, it was found that the plants that have been mentioned below are pretty effective when it comes to filtering of pollutants as well as toxic chemicals inside your office or home.

This is particularly good for homes and offices that use low quality or toxic detergents as well as cleaners at their homes. These plants would help in filtering the air inside.

  1. English Ivy: English IvyThis plant is very effective to eliminate the airborne fecal matter particles. This would also be effective against a smoker’s environment.
  2. Peace Lily: Peace LilyA perfect plant that is good for both bathroom and a laundry, Peace Lily removes mold spores. This plant doesn’t need large amount of water or even sunlight in order to survive. Additionally, it can also remove formaldehyde as well as trichloroethylene.
  3. Bamboo Palm: Bamboo PalmAmong the most popular varieties of plants for filtering benzene or trichloroethylene, they creep within the living spaces. They also works very well when placed next to furniture that leave off-gassing formaldehyde.
  4. Chinese Evergreen: Chinese EvergreenPlacing this plant in a big space for a considerable period of time makes it more effective for removal of air pollutants as well as other toxins.
  5. Aloe Vera: Aloe VeraOne of the easiest and simplest plants, Aloe Vera filters out toxins and air pollutants within your house.
  6. Pelargonium:Pelargonium It looks very beautiful and can clean the air as well as remove unwanted odors. It also cleans the bacteria besides keeping the moths outside.
  7. Spider plant: Spider plantAlso known as Hen-en-Kuikens, it requires to be kept in the natural light. It sequesters carbon monoxide and should be kept in your kitchen.
  8. Rubber Plant: Rubber PlantThe plant is highly regarded for its ability of removing all kinds of pollutants as well as toxins from within your house. The plant is pretty effective when it comes to removing formaldehyde.