Top 6 Gadgets for Home

One is always on the lookout to make their home as comfortable and healthy as possible, so as to make their stay in it a peaceful and joyful experience. The list of these top 6 gadgets for home will help you in making your home a peaceful place to live in.

1. 16.8-Watt Voltaic Solar Charger Kit

Photovoltaic system tops the list of top 6 gadgets for home as it is a great and convenient way to power one’s home. But it’s not gaining popularity because the thing requires great amount of both space and money to install. A great alternative for this is this charger kit from Voltaic. The V60 battery that this system sport is capable of generating power for laptops, tablets, cameras and several phones at once. Because of its portability and light-weight design, one can carry it all over. Also, it can be quite a handy tool in time of emergencies or natural calamities.

16.8-Watt Voltaic Solar Charger Kit

2. Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch

One has to taste the bitter truth that forgetting to switch-off the light is a common practice, especially if one has a kid at home. This handy gadget can provide a sense of ‘responsibility’ as it can both switch on and switch off lights by sensing the presence of a human being inside any room. Lights can be switched on by the mere presence of a human as he or she enters and the lights turn off if it senses any inactivity inside the room.

Maestro Occupancy Vacancy Sensing Switch

3. Maestro C.L Dimmer

It’s perfect for creating some ambience inside a room with the help of halogen and incandescent bulbs along with dimmable LEDs and CFLs. And it is pretty much well-known that incandescent bulbs have the ability and potential to minimize one’s monthly electricity bill in hundreds. One can easily pair this gadget with a dimmable LED or CFL for optimal saving of energy.

Maestro C.L Dimmer

4. Honeywell Wifi Programmable Thermostat

It’s a known fact that an average household spends around $2000 on electricity bills annually, and about half of that constitutes from cooling and heating. If one is seriously planning to reduce this cost in some sort of miraculous manner, they need to install a thermostat which is programmable manually. This gadget comes at a very low cost and is quite intuitive. Not only that, it can be programmed in any way to meet the daily schedule of the user and their ever-changing needs. It can be operated remotely by an iPad or any such smart device, and one can set the temperature of their house from anywhere.

Honeywell Wifi Programmable Thermostat

5. Serena Remote Controlled Honeycomb Shades

One always faces the problem of losing heat during winter or build-up of heat during summers because of the windows placed inside a room. Honeycomb shades can prove to be a life-saver in such situation, as these fabric-made shades contain air pockets which help in trapping heat during winter or shutting down solar radiation in summer time.

Serena Remote Controlled Honeycomb Shades

6. Energy Shower Timer and Alarm

An average person uses up to 7 gallons of water every minute when they are taking a shower, which is a poor way to waste both water and energy if not checked. This little gadget can help people in saving their time and water usage by allowing one to monitor their target water-usage.

Energy Shower Timer and Alarm