The Truth about Natural Gas

Home Heating

The cost of home heating has gone up, but that doesn’t mean you should switch from gas to electricity. The greenest switch you can make, in terms of home heating, is from electricity to natural gas. Electric heat is much more expensive than gas, so not only it is less green (environmentally unfriendly) it’s also more green (as in the green in your wallet).

Switching to natural gas can help you cut down on your home heating costs. We recommend researching cheaper utilities prices from It’s likely you’ll end up paying a great deal less for natural gas, than you would from any other heat source. When you reduce the amount of heat you use, in order to conserve for the environment, you’ll also be further reducing your energy bills. Everyone wins in this scenario.

Natural Gas

Renewable Energy

The main argument against any sort of gas is that it’s not renewable. Of course, natural gas isn’t renewable, but it is very abundant. The more there is of something, the less expensive it becomes. When you consider your choices, natural gas becomes the obvious greenest option, because it not only saves you money, it’s also cleaner burning.

There aren’t many choices for home heating and the majority of them aren’t from renewable sources. Unless you can afford solar panels, a geothermal heating system, a pellet stove, or masonry heaters you’re kind of stuck using a non-renewable heating source and compared to the others, natural gas is your greenest choice. You’re not alone. Millions of Americans rely on utility companies to provide energy to their homes. For many, this is the most cost-effective way to heat a home.

Compared to oil and coal, natural gas is very clean burning. Oil and coal produce over twice the greenhouse gases that natural oil burns. Oil and coal are known for the amount of carbon, sulphur, and nitrogen compounds they contain. All of these compounds result in dangerous ashes in the air we breathe and more greenhouse gases. Natural gas contains significantly less of these compounds, resulting in cleaner air and less pollution.

If everyone made the switch to natural gas, the world would be a less polluted place. Here are some more things switching to natural gas helps combat:

  • acid rain
  • climate change
  • smog
  • harmful greenhouse gases
  • ash particulates

Tell a Friend

If you truly want to live a life that’s more conservative with the earth’s resources, you’ll share this knowledge with a friend. If everyone in Ohio switched from their other energy source to natural gas, the world would be a much cleaner place. By sharing this information, you’ll be infecting the world with positive change. So, next time you hear someone putting down natural gas, let them know it’s the right choice for the average American, looking to make a green change.