How to Future Proof Your Home with the Right Energy Saving Products

Ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home have always been on the trend even when the housing industry is cooling off.

Many of the household products and ideas can save both money and energy while also reducing the carbon foot print and thus inspire the home owner to live a greener life while living in a warmer home.

Here is a rundown of some of the energy saving tips and products that will make a home warmer and greener while qualifying it for better home improvement tax credits.

Cavity wall insulation

The idea behind insulating a home is to get most out of the heating system while cutting on the bills. As much as a third of the heat that is lost in an un-insulated home is lost through walls.

Cavity wall insulation will help you save all that energy plus around £140 a year.

With installation costs ranging between £450 and £500, the payback time is just less than 4 years with all that peace of mind coming as a bonus all those years.

Additionally, cavity wall insulation will also help in reducing the condensation inside your home.

home with the Right Energy Saving Products

Roof and loft insulation

Up to 25% of your home’s heat is lost thorough your roof.With proper loft and roof insulation, you can save all that energy plus £180 a year.

Loft insulation will pay for itself in about 2 years as it costs only £300 to install. It can also be done as a DIY project and at that it can help the home owners save some extra money in more than one way. Be sure to speak with a professional team like ABC Roofing before you attempt any projects such as this to be sure that the work area is safe.

How much can you save in the kitchen?

Whether it is a commercial or a residential kitchen, opting for the right energy saving appliances can help the owners reduce the energy consumption in the kitchensto a great extent.

Simple appliances that we have always taken for granted can really do wonders when it comes to reducing the energy bills. Here is what the right kitchen appliances will save you:

Refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerators and freezers probably add up to 7% to your monthly energy bills. Selecting the right Energy Star rated refrigerator will let you save all that energy and money while also reducing your carbon foot print to a great extent.

Regularly defrosting the freezer alone can increase energy efficiency in the home for up to 25%.


Replacing the old dishwasher with an Energy Star rated one can save both water and energy consumption in the kitchen.

Dishwashers use efficient jets for spraying water and detergent using less energy and give clean dishes with less energy consumption.

Best practices

Simple practices like turning off the taps when not in use can also reduce the water consumption to a great extent both in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Using efficient exhaust fans, replacing the conventional oven with a halogen oven, and cleaning the refrigerator coils regularly are all simple practices that yield large benefits in the long run.

Whether it is a living room or a bath, every place in the home has a sizable opportunity for saving money and energy. All the home owners need to do is to choose the right products and services to make their homes more future ready.