Top 10 Eco Products That Are Available in the Market Right Now

Eco Products are beneficiary for the environment, and an increase in their daily usage ensures one to maintain a sustainable balance, both in their household as well as for the society. Listed below are the names of the top 10 eco products that are available in the market right now.

1. Microfilter

This filter from Vapur has the ability to safely remove 99.9% of organic matter and bacteria from water. Not only is it easy and safe to use, it is also one of the lightest bottle filter in the market right now. The refillable bottles from Vapur are easily freezable, washable and foldable. It is a great alternative to the traditional disposable bottles, which takes up little space in bag or a purse.

2. E-Water Purifiers

A machine bubbles to the tap water. These come in different colors and are quite sleek in their appearance. They also come with an indicator that monitors the fizz level and snap-lock system for easy connection.

E-Water Purifiers

3. Softbrew Pot

This pot doesn’t use the conventional capsules or pods which come in popular brewing machines. Instead it reduces the coffee-grounds’ amount which reduces the cost of every coffee lover out there. It stays hot than the conventional steel or glass design, which helps in working with both iced coffee and cold-brew.

Soft Brew Pot

4. Swiffer Sheets

Coming from Bambooee, these toilet papers and sheets are great alternatives to replace the paper towels, which one estimates to create more than 3000 tons of waste every single day.

Swiffer Sheets

5. FlatBox Lunch Box

These lunch boxes are flat and come in bright patterns and colors, which acts as a germ barrier after spreading it out. Solvetta, the makers of these mats are looking for some other alternatives that can be more sustainable and will be providing better insulation.

Flat Box Lunch Box

6. EuroShield

A popular technology with those who make architectural glasses used in skyscrapers, comes as DIY kit for the consumers. This coating, if applied on tile, glass, stainless steel and ceramic surfaces will allow it to repel dirt, grime, soap scum etc.


7. Babycook Pro

A baby food maker, which can easily prepare veggies and fruits. It’s a perfect solution for parents to cook tasty and healthy food for their babies. It acts as a blender, steamer, defroster and warmer to prepare food within 15 minutes.

Babycook Pro

8. Petomato

One can grow a hydroponic garden in a bottle with Petomato’s products which are also quite easy to maintain. One can simply insert seeds into the bottle’s top and watch it grow by simply filling it up with water.

9. Groupo BB

It brings in products that are molded from plastics and blended with husks of coconut, waste wood shavings etc.

10. Yogurt Maker from Dash

Comes with great styling and saves the packaging cost on purchasing yogurt that comes in plastic containers.

Yogurt Maker from Dash