Celebrate This Season with Eco Friendly Christmas Decor

Christmas is the time of making merry and fun. It is a time you need to decorate your homes with a lot of decorations to welcome your guests during the festive season. So are you celebrating this festival without disturbing the nature? Think again. There are a lot of paper and plastics that go a long way in sending greeting cards, gift wraps, wish cards, decorative gifts and other glittery items. These are definitely not eco friendly in nature. With the idea of going green applying its popularity among the people living across the world, it is ideal for you to adopt go green policy this festive season.

Eco friendly Christmas decorTraditional methods of eco friendly Christmas decor

It is advisable to follow the traditional pattern of going green as your ancestors used real flowers and leaves in the place of plastic ones to decorate their homes. They made sure that everything was made of biodegradable ones starting from the wraths you place at the door for welcoming your guests. These were made of ivy leaves or holly leaves to form a wreath. Also it has real mistletoe to decorate it. Then there are other aspects of decorations such as the pine cones, shells and pearls that have a rich and classy look.

They also made pomanders with oranges and stuck cloves into it and were hung on the Christmas tree with long colorful ribbons. This worked wonders and smelled great too. It can be later used in the cupboards to hang amongst the clothes to keep moths and other insects at bay. It also makes your clothing to smell great. If you wish to have a colorful Christmas, opting for a biodegradable Christmas with colorful crepe pare is the right option. It can be used to decorate the walls, hang on the Christmas trees and to make origami.

Recycling old articles for eco friendly Christmas decor

If you have a lot of old CDs do not throw them away. These can be scratched and hung on the trees with a ribbon, cut into pieces and stuck on to balls and hung as a décor, make designs of snow flakes and hang on the Christmas tree. Old wrappers of chocolates can be cut into ribbons and joined as a ribbon to have a vibrant one. You can also indulge your kids in this activity and make it a memorable one. Also make lots of edible things, such as the gingerbreads, candy sticks, strings of popcorns and toffees of apples and oranges.

After the festive mood is over, you can distribute the sweets among your friends and relatives and also give them to the kids in the neighborhood. You can remove the decorations for this year and keep them safe for the next year as it will save you a lot of time and money meanwhile. Also opt for beeswax candles as an eco friendly Christmas décor and also have a Yule log to take these candles. This was originally followed in Germany and then spread to other parts of the world slowly.