What is a Balustrade and what are its Safety Benefits?

There are certain structures in your home that serve a joint purpose; to enhance the appearance of the property and to assist with the safety of people living in, and visiting, your home. A balustrade is one of these structures.

In this article we are going to explain what a balustrade is. We are also going to look at why balustrades are so important, from a décor and safety point of view.

What is a balustrade?

Chances are that you are already familiar with balustrades, but you may not know that you are. If you have a staircase, or a raised decking area, in your home you probably have at least one balustrade. This is a row of posts with a rail that runs across the top of them. This is a very basic description, and balustrades come in a variety of designs.

Balustrades are mostly useful from a safety point of view. But, companies such as Active Metal specialise in making a feature out of structures such as balustrades. You can have all of accident prevention benefits of a balustrade and have a really beautiful decorative addition to your home, at the same time.

what is a balustrade staircase

Why is it important to have balustrades in your home?

Safety is important in any home. This is the most important reason for making sure you have effective balustrades in place. They provide protection against falls from raised areas, and help you to maintain your balance while walking up and down a staircase.

You can see how important balustrades are, for the safety of the people living in your home. This is not your only concern though; you also have to think about people who are visiting your home. The last thing you want is for someone to fall. Not only would you feel partly responsible but there is also a chance that you may be sued as a result. Balustrades can make it less likely for this to happen.

It’s important to make sure that balustrades are expertly fitted. They also need to be well maintained. This helps to make them as safe as possible.

It’s not just about safety

Balustrades come in all designs and sizes. They can also be made from several different types of material, such as metal, glass and timber. This means that you have the opportunity of choosing a balustrade that is best suited to the design of your home. If you are thinking of giving your property a fresh new look, you may want to think about investing in new balustrades, as part of the project.

If you are choosing a new balustrade you need to think about considerations such as budget, practicality and how it will fit with the rest of your décor. If the balustrade is for an outdoor space, you need to make sure that it’s built to withstand different weather conditions.

Hopefully, you can now see the importance of balustrades. They are vital, from a safety point of view. They can also be used as an impressive decorative feature.